Nintendo Switch game leaks before Nintendo Direct rumor

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A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game leaked before a Nintendo Direct rumor. According to various rumors from various sources ranging from believable to hogwash, a new Nintendo Direct is happening this month. When this month is the time when many rumors and reports diverge, with some even claiming that this week will be a magical week for Switch and Switch Lite fans, who haven’t marveled at a good Nintendo Direct since the release. E3 in June. Whether any of these rumors are credible remains to be seen, but a new leak not only suggests they are, but could reveal when this Nintendo Direct mystery will occur.

On September 17, Barcelona, ​​Spain-based studio Lince Works will release Aragami 2 via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. There has been no word on the upcoming game on Nintendo Switch, which is odd as its predecessor has arrived on the platform Nintendo, well after its first release.

That said, amid the aforementioned Nintendo Direct rumor, the IMDA, the Singapore Review Board, rated the game for Nintendo Switch. Of course, this note could be a mistake, but it’s unlikely. The bigger question now is whether the Switch version will be ready for the game’s launch later this month. If so, it will need to be revealed very soon, and if it’s being held that long, you’ll assume it’s for some reason, like perhaps a stealth release from Nintendo Switch, a common occurrence during Nintendo Switch. a Nintendo Direct. Right now that last item is speculation, but connecting the dots doesn’t require much.

It’s not only possible that this memo leaked the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but when the Nintendo Direct rumored will be, that is, on September 17th, or at least the week of September 17th.

At the time of publication, none of the parties involved have touched this rating leak and the speculation it has created with any type of comment or form of acknowledgment. If that changes, we’ll be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more information on all things Nintendo Switch, click here.

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Nintendo eShop is now available in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru

Image: Nintendo’s Life

Update: And just like that, the eShop is now available throughout Latin America.

Switch owners in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru can now purchase games directly from the eShop, with over 750 items available from day one. Titles available at launch include Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Miitopia, Mario Golf: Super Rush, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Ultimate Brothers.

Original article (Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:00 PM BST): Nintendo has announced that its digital eShop will soon be available in several new countries for the first time, bolstering its recent efforts to provide official access to its products across South America.

The eShop, a store accessible directly from Nintendo Switch systems that offers digital games and online subscriptions, will be available in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. A recent social media post asks fans to stay tuned for more information, with its launch slated for “very soon.”

Change online store
Image: Nintendo

Last December, the eShop launched in Brazil for the first time, offering 400 games on day one. Until these recent changes, Switch owners across South America had limited access to games and services and even had to import consoles from other territories, but things are certainly changing for the better.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the eShop launch in the countries mentioned above and update this article as we learn more.

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THQ Nordic veröffentlicht Stubbs The Zombie in retail version for Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

THQ Nordic sent us a press release revealing it will be October 26, 2021 Lazy stubbs In retail version for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X and Nintendo Switch will be published.

Bring THQ Nordic and Aspyr Media Stubbs the Zombie in Pulseless Rebel in fixed trade. The suggested retail price is € 19.99 for the aforementioned PlayStation and Xbox systems and € 29.99 Nintendo Switch. The digital version is available from March 16, 2021 and costs Nintendo Online Store Currently 16.50 euros.

above Stubbs the Zombie in Pulseless Rebel

Be a zombie! Hit it and change your mind!

We are in 1959 and the small town of Punchbowl (USA) is a model of progress and quality of life. Show the living that law and order cannot stop the dead on mission. Your friend, Maggie, and Punchbowl are back in trouble!

  • Hearn fresh: Ditch the living and replenish your physical arsenal: zombie spit, grenades and dirty narcotic gas
  • Punchbowl population control: Squeeze your severed hand around the head of the barber quartet singer and shoot him
  • Build your own zombie horde: Turn your enemies into undead allies and lead the zombie attack against the living
  • Bring civilization to its knees: Show off a retro punchbowl town whose past no one can escape
  • Stubbs and company: Invite a friend over to play Grubbs and experience the classic comedy collaboration together. (friend not included)

Stan shaw

“Professional cooking nerd. Internet scholar. Typical bacon lover. Passionate creator.”

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Goodboy Galaxy is a brand new GBA (& Switch) game on Kickstarter

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Entirely new video games for retro hardware are no longer a common phenomenon, but they are certainly happening more and more frequently. In this sense, the developers Rik nicol and Jeremy clarke started a Kickstarter for Good galaxy boy, a new platform adventure game that will be released physically for Game Boy Advance (GBA), in addition to being released digitally on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game has already far exceeded its fundraising goal, at over $ 40,000 currently raised when it originally asked for over $ 24,000. He is also rapidly approaching an ambitious goal of securing the physical release of Good galaxy boy on Nintendo Switch.

The game has a playable browser demo available now. The full game will feature “tight levels with multiple routes” and secret areas, over 50 characters that have collectible friendship cards, and an upgradable blaster with special abilities.

Now here’s the really weird part: Good galaxy boy because a physical GBA version was only offered at specific and limited Kickstarter levels, and they’re all sold out already. This is, frankly, a little silly, since the GBA version is clearly the main draw. They should have found a friendlier arrangement with their publisher, First Press Games, and it may still be possible. In any case, if you come back Good galaxy boy now you’re watching a digital copy (or potentially a physical boxed copy, pending expansion goals) of the Nintendo Switch version, or grabbing the Steam version or a ROM of the GBA version.

As a point of reference, the Infinite Game Boy Color Kickstarter has already been a huge success, raising over $ 186,000 so far and set to create a whole new set of expandable lenses. Buying a physical copy of this game is expensive, but there is notably no limit on who can buy it.

[Source: PR]

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This Nintendo Switch game gets an unexpected anime adaptation

There is no shortage of video games anime adaptations over the years. Digimon, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Persona 5, and the list goes on and on. Usually the series that end up hitting TV screens in a whole new way tend to be aimed at games that are major hits. But it looks like that is about to change for an original fitness title.

Fitness boxing (known as Boxing shaped in Japan) is a fitness game where players hit and dodge while listening to some of their favorite songs under the encouragement of several fitness instructors. The series sold well despite the original game having an average rating of 66% on MetaCritic. It was never a remarkable game, but it seems to have won the chance to make more noise.

The program titled You and fitness boxing will feature twelve episodes of five minutes each will recount the daily lives of the game’s fitness instructors. The original Japanese voice actors of the games will reprise their roles for the slice of life comedy.

You and fitness boxing will premiere on October 1 as part of Fall 2021 anime season. The series will air on Tokyo MX as well as several unannounced streaming services.

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Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing game gets anime version

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Fitness Boxing is getting an anime version.

Picture: To imagine

In October in Japan, Nintendo Switch fitness game Fitness boxing gets an anime adaptation.

Developed by Tokyo-based Imagineer, the game first launched in 2018 and players threw punches and dodged while waving the Joy-Con controllers. Imagineer released the game in Japan under the name Boxing shaped, and Nintendo then released it internationally.

Last September, Imagineer announcement that a million copies of the game had been shipped worldwide.

In December 2020, a sequel titled Boxing Fitness 2: Pace and Exercise released on Nintendo Switch. It also seemed to be doing pretty well.

The Fitness boxing the anime will be abridged, but will air on Tokyo MX. According to the official website, the show will focus on what happens when boxing fitness instructors finish teaching. There is apparently going to be a storyline and all, which will be revealed on the official site at a later date.

Fitness Boxing becomes an anime.

Wondering what Fitness Boxing trainers do in their spare time? No?
Picture: Imaginator

The official screens that have come out give us an idea of ​​what to expect, I guess!

The show is written and directed by Jumpei and Morita (sic), who directed the fantastic musical anime Lost song. He has written scripts for television as well as directed dramas and documentaries. And now he’s doing this!

Imagineer and Story Effect will take care of the animation.

The anime will feature well-known vocal talent, some revive their roles in the game, including Akari Kito (Nezuko in Demon slayer), Akira Ishida (Katsura Kotaro in Gintama and Athrun Zala in Gundam seed), and Rie Kugimiya (Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist and Kagura in Gintama), among others.

I am interested! I have no hope, but I can’t help but wonder how it happened. It might be good. Maybe not. But damn it, that’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

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Nintendo Switch fans surprised by stealth releases of six popular games

With Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite got six new games, thanks to two new stealth versions. Nintendo e-shop. 2021 has been a late year for Switch and Switchlite users so far. In recent years, consoles have seen games like: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Mario Odyssey, And several other generations of classics. 2021, with Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite Users don’t have these types of games, and that doesn’t seem to change in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonet 3, Metroid Prime 4, And you’re more likely to miss the 2021 release. That said, last night the Nintendo eShop was updated out of nowhere with six popular games last year.

The first of these six games earthquake.. Yesterday Bethesda announced that it would be remastering the popular and original first-person arena shooter and releasing it the same day through various platforms. On top of that, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five. LOSS The game was also stealthily released to the console with a huge collection of demon slayers.

Spend over $ 59.99 to get these six games. That is, you pay $ 10 for the title. For that, you can get some of the biggest and most popular first person shooter games of all time.

Quake Remaster

On: You are a ranger, a warrior armed with powerful weapons. In search of four magical runes, rotten knights, warped demons, an army of twisted creatures, four infested military bases, ancient medieval castles, dungeons filled with lava and Gothic cathedrals. Fight in the dark dimension. Only by collecting runes can you gain the power to defeat the ancient evil that threatens all mankind.

the price: $ 9.99



DOOM Slayers Collection (DOOM 2016, DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, DOOM 64)

On: The DOOM Slayers Collection introduces gamers to over 20 years of demon slaying. From the classic games that popularized first-person shooters to the reboot of a popular franchise with fans, use powerful weapons to fight off hordes of demons on Mars. Five acclaimed games across Earth and Hell: DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, DOOM 64, Action Game of the Year 2016, DOOM (2016).

the price: $ 49.99



Nintendo Switch fans surprised by stealth releases of six popular games

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We tried Nintendo Switch’s Game Builder Garage.

Growing up, I was NOT the player in our household. This title belonged to my older brother. He had a whole series of consoles for Space invaders, Street fighter and EA Sports whether he was playing solo or with his friends.

None of this gambling business interested me in the least. It was up to a year, Santa Claus gave me a Nintendo Game Boy. A clear.

That’s right: the very one that allowed you to see inside his very being, and encourages you to look at all the cords and threads inside (or just me? It was mesmerizing).

This portable device changed my perspective on video games.

Super Mario became my mate. Donkey kong became my alter ego. And Tetris, Always be my beating heart. Tetris Made me fall asleep at night while rearranging blocks behind my eyelids. It was pure, virtual love.

A lot has changed in the game since this little wearable beauty came into my life over 20 years ago.

More particularly in my house, the Nintendo Switch. This device revolutionized the way my 10 year old daughter Summer plays games: it plugs into the TV and can also be used as a portable device. It’s crazy!

And being the curious little kitten that she is, Summer is all about the questions:

“How do they make everything look so good in video games?” ”

“How do they go about blowing up the characters and making things happen?” “

“How do you learn to design video games? “

“Who the hell makes games anyway?” “

So it was no surprise that when Nintendo gave us a copy of the latest Switch game Play builder garage, to try that Summer literally snatched it out of my hands and put it in her Switch to play (so proud of her manners…).

Picture: Supplied.

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Nintendo Switch | How to create a Nintendo Account – the Clare People

Creating a Nintendo Account (or Nintendo Account) is one of the necessary steps to use a Nintendo Switch. It is necessary to purchase digital games from the Nintendo eShop, to subscribe to services such as Switch Online and to participate in the My Nintendo points program (successor to the late Club Nintendo).

It is not possible to create a Nintendo Account directly from the console, only from the computer or the mobile phone browser. In this article, Canaltech explains you step by step.

How to create a Nintendo Account from a computer or mobile

Step 1: Open a web browser and navigate to the official Nintendo page.

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(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 2: At the top right corner of the screen, click Login / Create Account.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 3: Click on Create Nintendo Account.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 4: You need to select one of the options according to your age. If you are 12, press the first button; if you are 13 or over, press the second.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

If you are up to 12 years old

Step 4.1: You will need to link your account to another adult account. This way your parents or guardians will be notified when you try to make a purchase, for example. If you agree, just click Continue.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 4.2: On this screen, your parent or guardian will need to login or create a new account. Then just fill in the necessary information – as we will describe below.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

If you are 13 or older

Step 4.3: You will be taken directly to a form. If you don’t want to complete it, you can speed up the process by linking your account to an existing account on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple.

Step 4.4: If you do not wish to link your account, simply fill in the information requested in the form.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 5: You will be asked whether or not you want to receive emails with news and advertisements for Nintendo games. After choosing, click Confirm and Save.

Step 6: Nintendo will send a confirmation code to the registered email address. You must enter this code. In this way, the company confirms that your email address is legitimate and that you have access to it. Then click on Confirm.

Step 7: finished! Your account was created.

How do I link a Nintendo Switch user to a Nintendo Account?

Since you cannot create a Nintendo Account directly on the Nintendo Switch console, you must already have created your account using a computer or mobile phone. Once you’ve created it, you’ll be able to link your Nintendo Switch user to your account – so you can enjoy all the features it offers.

Step 1: From the console home screen, go to Settings

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 2: Look for the Users option in the side menu. Then select the user you want to link a Nintendo Account to.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 3: Click on Link Nintendo Account

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 4: Choose to sign in using your Nintendo Account email address and password, or using a mobile device, using a QR code.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 5.1: If you have selected the first option, simply fill in the fields with the email and password previously saved in your Nintendo Account.

(Screen capture: Felipe Goldenboy / Canaltech)

Step 5.2: If you choose to connect with a smart device, simply point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the screen. On your mobile, follow the instructions to connect.

Step 6: finished! Your Nintendo Switch user has been linked to your Nintendo Account. Now you can buy games, subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, and join the My Nintendo points program!

What is the difference between a Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Network ID?

Although they are similar, Nintendo Accounts and Nintendo Network IDs are used for different purposes.

The Nintendo Account is used on the Nintendo Switch and the services offered on the console, such as Nintendo Switch Online and My Nintendo. The Nintendo Network ID (NNID) is used on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family.

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Nintendo Switch Owners Can Download FREE Surprise Weekend Play Demo | Games | Entertainment

Nintendo Switch fans can download a brand new demo for an upcoming owner’s exclusive.

Released on Nintendo Switch in September, WarioWare: Get It Together is shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences of the year.

And Switch owners can get a taste of the action right now with the launch of a free demo.

The WarioWare: Get It Together demo is available for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

“Whet your appetite for micro-games with a free demo of WarioWare: Get It Together !, available now,” reads the official description.

“You can download it from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, or through this same page – just log in and press the ‘Download Demo’ button to get started!”

The demo features a selection of microgames, which are playable as different characters from the major cast.

Each character has a unique ability that can be used to complete microgames before moving on to the next.

Wario’s microgames revolve around using his jetpack, as 18-Volt throws a disc to move objects, hit enemies, and clean up paint.

Interestingly, the ability-based action means that the same microgames can be completed in different ways.

The demo even supports two-player multiplayer, although I haven’t checked that particular feature yet.

“This time around, two players can team up to take on hundreds of fast-paced and unusual micro-games,” Nintendo continues.

“Whether it’s plucking armpit hair or pulling out trash bags, you’ll need lightning-fast reflexes to tackle these wacky challenges! “

While the demo asks players to complete as many microgames as quickly as possible, the full game will feature a plethora of different play modes.

This includes Story Mode, where players will unlock the majority of bonus characters.

“Wario and his friends are trapped in their company’s latest game, and only you can help them by taking down microgames. Play it first to unlock more characters and modes.”

Then there is the Variety Pack, which contains ten different games for one or more players. There is also an online mode called Wario Cup, which allows fans to compete for a place in the leaderboards.

As a reminder, WarioWare: Get It Together launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on September 10.

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