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Nintendo Switch gamers surprised by stealth release

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have just been sneaking out. This month, video game releases are starting to heat up with likes of Death loop, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Lost judgment, NBA 2K22, Tales of the Ascension, and more. That said, many of the month’s biggest and most notable releases won’t be available on Switch and Switch Lite. It’s a bit of a slow month for the Nintendo console, which makes this surprise release all the more remarkable. That said, the game itself isn’t particularly notable, but it’s in a genre that’s hungry for games.

From now on, all Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users can now purchase Super Arcade Football for $ 10, but it’s available for a limited time at a price of $ 5 to celebrate its release. An arcade soccer game developed by Out of the Bit, it debuted earlier this month on Steam after spending five years in Early Access. The game doesn’t score on Metacritic, but on Steam it has a “fairly positive” Steam user rating rating, with 70% of the 132 reviewers rating the game positively.

Super Arcade Football is a fast-paced soccer game where you can’t catch your breath, “reads an official pitch for the game.” With simple controls that let everyone play and play, from online and local multiplayer, Crazy modifiers – and more, every match is sure to grab your attention from kick-off until the final whistle! “

On Nintendo Switch, the game requires 41MB of space and supports all three game modes: Tabletop, TV, and Handheld. Unfortunately, its language support is limited to English and Italian. In the meantime, it is important to note that Super Arcade Football and Super Arcade Football are not the same. Both are on Nintendo Switch and they’re both arcade soccer games, but they’re not the same game.

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Games Up to 75% discount on Nintendo Switch, Eeshop

Nintendo Switch Will be an interesting protagonist To supply His Online Store, from September 23 to October 3, with successful sales: This initiative will allow you to buy more Games For hybrid consoles with discounts up to 75%.

Nintendo Switch awaits the release of OLED, pictured live a few days after launch, set for October 8, here’s the perfect opportunity to grab some of the most important video game products Nintendo So enjoy it in the new model.

“In Mario’s Super Mario Odyssey, players can travel the world with Cappy and embark on an adventure through the Link to escape the bizarre island of The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening,” the statement read. hurry. Until then, there are titles for all tastes. “

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Player can become a Pokemon and select Pokemon like Picasso, Evie and Charmonder to enter mysterious dungeons and save the world and create his own rescue team! Cooking, serving and washing dishes. The goal is to serve as many meals as possible before the time runs out! “

“The Nintendo Store Blockbuster Sale starts at 3:00 pm Thursday, September 23 and ends Sunday, October 3 at 11:59 pm local time. And Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. “

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Nintendo Switch Lite reduced by $ 70 right now

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a slimmer, cheaper version of the standard Switch and one of the best portable gaming systems to date. When we first reviewed the console, the Nintendo Switch Lite won our Editors’ Choice for Handheld Games, and until the Australian release of Steam Deck, it will likely retain that top spot.

That is why we can recommend that you take a Nintendo Switch Lite Console right now while they are on sale for only A $ 259 (instead of $ 329, save $ 70.95) on Amazon.

Unlike the original Nintendo Switch, which is designed as a console / TV console hybrid, in the Switch Lite the controllers are integrated directly into the system for exclusively portable play.

The Switch Lite is available in Blue, Yellow, Coral, Gray, and Turquoise (not including Special Edition colors) and plays all of the same games as the original Nintendo Switch, with a slot for game cartridges and access. at Nintendo eShop.

If you’ve never owned a Switch before and don’t like the price tag of the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED, the Switch Lite is an affordable way to play some of the best games of this generation of consoles. The easiest to recommend being like the exceptional The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (who is also one of our Editors’ Choice recipients).

Here are some essential Switch titles on sale now to get you started:

With just 32GB of internal storage on the Switch Lite, that’s going to fill up fast. You may consider including an SD card like this SanDisk 128 GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card, currently $ 24.90 (save $ 24.10, 49% off) with your purchase to get ahead of this inevitable hurdle.

For more great deals on consoles, games and gaming accessories available in Australia now, check out our weekly roundup here.

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How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0091

Have you ever encountered this error code while trying to purchase a game from the eShop while on the Nintendo Switch? The error code is 2813-0091 and it baffled a lot of gamers who just wanted the convenience of buying online. Here is the definition of such code and how to fix it.

What is Nintendo Switch error code 2813-0091?

The true definition of Nintendo Switch error code 2813-0091 is actually a transaction process error. This meant that he was unable to complete a transaction on Nintendo eShop. For example, if you try to buy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from Nintendo eShop and you are about to complete the transaction by entering the credit card number and pressing next, the code is error will appear.

Why does this error code appear?

On the Nintendo Support Page, it is revealed that this error code sometimes appears whenever the servers have a problem. It is advisable to cancel the transaction first and repeat the same process later. Sometimes that fixes the problem, but sometimes it happens that it is actually another problem.

According to some users, this happens whenever there is a small error in filling in the card details on the fill form. Make sure to double-check every detail as it can cause this type of error.

How to get rid of this error code?

From the support page, Nintendo suggests exiting Nintendo eShop and re-entering it. Try to make the purchase, then fill in the details as before. Be sure to review the details before hitting the Submit button.

One user suggested changing the card details in the browser version of the eShop, then simply reloading the Switch’s eShop and purchasing the game. This fixed the issue for him as there might be a server or Internet connection problem with the Switch eShop.

If the problem persists even though it has been repeated for a while, then it would be prudent to seek help from Nintendo Support.

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I want to love my Nintendo Switch again, but it’s not easy

I don’t really believe in love at first sight – especially when it comes to inanimate objects. But when the Nintendo Switch was revealed, my attraction can only be called instantaneous.

“From the moment we met you could see that I was filled with desire.” These were the opening lyrics for the catchy White Denim track that accompanied the insanely smooth Switch trailer, and they couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Nintendo’s trailer for its eight-generation console successfully hammered the concept of a hybrid console with aplomb – aside from the impromptu unrealistic rooftop parties – and seemed to erase all of the Wii U’s many mistakes.

Unlike the hefty Wii U, which to this day would probably still bamboozle the average consumer on what it is Actually supposed to be, the Switch’s appeal was immediately evident. It was a console that you could play on TV, but could also be taken on the go, without any restrictions. Unbelievable.

Best of all, the console was also designed for local multiplayer from the get-go. Detach the ingenious Switch Joy-Con controllers and you suddenly fight on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while waiting for a plane to France which has been inexplicably delayed. One of you shouts a curse, the other responds the same, and then you both look up to see a disapproving priest looking at you with all the “holier than you” energy they can muster. Unbelievable.

future sorrow

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario and Inkling Girl racing

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Sadly, despite a glorious honeymoon period with the Switch which saw me spend an exorbitant amount of time in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Overcooked !, ARMS, and indie gems like Hollow Knight, my love for the system has declined dramatically in recent years.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my feelings changed, but I certainly became oblivious to the Switch’s initial appeal, most of which was due to Nintendo’s own making. The Switch also now has to compete for my time and attention with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, both of which have a habit of exposing their flaws.

So what’s stopping me from kissing my Switch with open arms again?

Woe-Con Controllers

Nintendo is sued for Joy-Con drift

(Image credit: Avenir)

When you’re afraid of playing a console for fear of breaking it, you know something’s wrong. I now see the Switch’s fragile Joy-Con as a time bomb, ready to implode at any moment. The frustrating reliability issues with Joy-Con controllers are now well known, and that means every gaming session could lead to the development of the dreaded Joy-Con drift by my controllers.

It’s shocking that Nintendo hasn’t tackled the Joy-Con drift yet, and that means the little Switch gamepads that brought me so much … well, the joy, never felt also fragile in my hands.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller isn’t much better either. While it’s not likely to break anytime soon, it comes with the worst D-Pad in Nintendo’s illustrious history, which makes playing Tetris Puyo Puyo a painful experience. Compare Nintendo’s pads to the delicious PS5 DualSense and the ergonomic Xbox Series X controller, and it already looks like a big step backwards.

Obsolete online services

Selection of Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

I love to play with my friends, but unfortunately Nintendo Switch is a lonely online experience. It’s as if Nintendo’s online system is somehow frozen in time, despite the company having all the resources to fix it.

It’s hard to believe, but even though the Switch launched in 2017, you still can’t message your friends, start group chats, or do anything social remotely on the Nintendo console. other than sharing screenshots on the internet. He’s still using friendly codes for heaven’s sake.

Yes, Nintendo has released a companion app online, but there is no support for it. In fact, it recently lost some functionality, and whenever I’ve used it with friends, it’s a noticeably poor alternative to services like Discord or even Skype.

I’m tired of having to jump through hoops just to play weird games with friends on Switch, and now that it’s a paid service – cheap as it is – consumers deserve more. To make matters worse, the Wii U had a more comprehensive online feature set with online video calling and Miiverse.

Part 1 failure

Nintendo Switch game offer sales

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo’s proprietary line also started to leave me rather uninspired. And that’s a big concern considering that I tend to only buy Nintendo consoles for its exclusive IP.

I love Mario as much as the next person (probably more), but seeing the usual wave of sports games, half-baked compilations and retro remixes come back for the umpteenth time with a price tag has started to irritate me.

The fact that I had played the majority of Switch’s biggest games years ago on the Wii U didn’t help, which I consider a slap in the face. But when did Nintendo announce that Super Mario 3D All-Stars would be a scheduled release? Well, it’s hard not to feel like the company isn’t just greedy and capitalizes on fan nostalgia.

I’m still incredibly excited for Breath of the Wild 2, of course, but Nintendo needs to start taking more risks and creating new intellectual property like it did with Splatoon, ARMS, and Ring Fit Adventure. I’m not going to buy another remaster, remake, or reissue. (However, drop a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC and we have a deal.)

Change allegiance

PS5 vs Xbox replenishment

(Image credit: Sony / Microsoft)

“… the Switch feels sluggish, underpowered, and its games can seem – to put it mildly – downright ugly.”

One of the biggest issues with Nintendo’s console release cycle, and its decision to no longer compete with Sony and Microsoft, is that its hardware tends to take advantage of a few years when things feel “pretty good” from a performance and visual point of view.

Compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, the Switch has held up rather well, offering something new and exciting that has led thousands of people to request “Switch ports”. Now, however, compared to the PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and a half-decent PC version, the Switch feels sluggish, underpowered, and its games can seem – to put it mildly – downright ugly.

While I would never expect Nintendo to release a machine capable of 4K / 120Hz, the return to face resolutions as low as 540p and frame rates that tend to hover precariously below. the target of 30 frames per second, is shocking to say the least. The Nintendo Switch OLED, as beautiful as its new seven-inch screen may be, won’t change that either.

With no Switch Pro on the horizon, this is a situation that many gamers will have to put up with until the Nintendo Switch 2 arrives, and it’s something that’s hard to ignore every time I return. play on the Nintendo console.

Demolition of the Game Pass

Microsoft Game Pass

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Part of the last wedge that has been erected between me and my Switch is due to competition, especially Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I used to love playing indie on Switch, but it’s hard to afford the asking price for the latest and greatest indie when Microsoft’s subscription service has regularly provided several for free, and often at launch.

There’s also the obvious benefit that indie games work and generally look better on Xbox, especially when played on TV. Add support for Xbox Cloud Gaming and remote gaming, and Switch’s biggest appeal – portability – goes out the window.

Example: Octopath Traveler. While not an indie game on its own, thanks to a combination of TV play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox remote play, I managed to complete a game that took no less than 70 hours. And thanks to Xbox Game Pass, it was free on day one, runs at 4K / 60fps on Microsoft’s machine. Octopath Traveler is still $ 59.99 / £ 49.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Couple consultation

E3 2021 BOTW 2

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Fortunately, there is one thing that guarantees that I won’t turn my back on Nintendo Switch for good, and that is the possibility that Nintendo is delivering another great title. I might be feeling some serious Nintendo fatigue right now – and I’m feeling quite disillusioned with some of the company’s archaic decisions (please can we add a success system someday? ) – but that could all change if Metroid Dread, Pokémon Legends Arceus, or Breath of the Wild 2 deliver the kinds of unforgettable experiences Nintendo is famous for. (And yes, I am aware that this is not a new IP address.)

I’ll still have to look past the technical limitations of the hardware and QA issues with gritted teeth, but at least there’s still hope for me and my Switch.

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Nintendo Switch gamers could make a fortune selling rare and expensive games

Collectors were buying boxed copies of the popular shooter fairly quickly, causing prices to skyrocket on sites like eBay. An updated version would debut on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, but only in limited quantities.

Indeed, if you were to buy a physical copy of Razion EX on eBay today, you would almost certainly have to spend over £ 100. The reworked EX Edition features a ton of upgrades and improvements, including big-screen visuals, a workout mode, and new music.

With stunning 16-bit graphics, half a dozen steps and an addicting scoring system, Razion EX is available for just £ 17.95 online. You can see the full list of Razion EX changes and improvements below …

Although developer NGDEV previously suggested that the game will not be released digitally, Razion EX is now available on Nintendo eShop. Fortunately, however, the issue has been somewhat resolved as the rare and expensive arcade shooter goes digital.

• Rebalanced and reduced difficulty • Game reworked

• Improved graphics and added 32-bit effects • Reworked controls and ship movements • Added bullet cancellation for some enemies

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NGPC Metal Slug titles are now available for download on Nintendo Switch

Bring your Rocket garden chair

SNK released a new double pack on Nintendo Switch with classic Neo Geo Pocket Color titles Metal Slug: 1st mission and its sequel Metal Slug: 2nd mission. The two portable favorites were available exclusively as part of the Selection of Neo Geo pocket colors compendium, but can now be purchased together from Nintendo eShop for around $ 15.

Released on NGPC in 1999 and 2000 respectively, Metal Slug 1st and 2nd Mission are adorably scaled-down editions of the classic run ‘n’ guns, and see our loyal squad of heroes (as well as some newcomers to the series) engage in pocket war with the enemy on land, sea and air. Developer Ukiyotei did a great job reducing the detailed and loaded visuals of the Metal slug series on the NGPC’s small 2.7-inch screen, with both titles featuring not only the bullet-pumping action of their big brothers, but even epic boss battles and vehicle battles.

For all those who still wish to refuel, the Selection of Neo Geo pocket colors is available now and includes Samurai Shodown! 2, King of Fighters R-2, SNK Gals Fighters, Fatal Fury: First Contact, The Last Blade: Beyond Fate, and the shiny SNK vs Capcom: the match of the millennium. Exclusive additions Great golf tournament, RPG Dark Arms: Beast Buster, and both Metal Slug: 1st mission and Metal Slug: 2nd mission. It is all worth the detour.

A solid, ambitious and misunderstood console, it’s great to see this catalog of versions available again.

Chris Moyse

Editor-in-Chief – Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s. Former Saturday Night Slam Master. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors.

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Worthplaying | ‘The Lightbringer’ Gets Nintendo Switch and PC Date, Switch Demo Available

With a heartfelt story written entirely in verse and clever challenges, the Independent Adventure will be available later this year.

Lightbringer gameplay is all about explore detailed and bite-sized levels full of challenges and collectibles. Find and gather the grains of light scattered across the cleverly designed stages and clean up the corrupted monolith at the end of each to complete them.

Your faithful boomerang will not only serve as tool for solving puzzles on your trip, but also as a weapon to defend yourself against the manifestations of corruption that you will meet along the way!

While the playable demo was already available on Steam, Zordix Publishing and developer Rock Square Thunder also launched a The bearer of light demo for Nintendo Switch (Online Store) players.

For centuries, people have been able to harness the energy of ancient monoliths scattered around the world, which has provided them with a pleasant way of life. This changed however, when one of the clans was overcome with greed and continued to push their monolith for more and more power. As a result, something malicious awoke beneath the monolith, and a tar-like substance began to leak from the basement.

Tar, simply called “corruption,” attacked everything in its path, spreading from monolith to monolith and destroying almost all signs of civilization. However, legend tells the story of The Lightbringer, a person who was able to harness the power of light and use it to clean up corruption in order to bring back the monoliths.

Your older sister was chosen to become the Lightbringer, but somewhere along her journey she was swept away by corruption. Sharing some of his powers, the responsibility of roaming the land, cleaning up the evil force, and trying to save the world … now falls on you.

The bearer of light will be available for Nintendo Switch (Online Store) and PC (To smoke) to October 7, 2021.

More articles on The bearer of light

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Rare and Expensive Nintendo Switch Game Comes to the eShop – Razion EX Now Available | Games | Entertainment

A hidden Nintendo Switch gem has finally made its way to the eShop.

Razion EX is an arcade-style horizontal shoot-em-up that originally appeared on the Neo Geo.

An updated version would debut on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, but only in limited quantities.

Collectors would buy boxed copies of the in-demand shooter pretty quickly, causing prices to skyrocket on sites like eBay.

Indeed, if you were to buy a physical copy of Razion EX on eBay today, you would almost certainly have to spend over £ 100.

Fortunately, however, the issue has been somewhat resolved as the rare and expensive arcade shooter goes digital.

Although developer NGDEV previously suggested that the game will not be released digitally, Razion EX is now available on Nintendo eShop.

With stunning 16-bit graphics, half a dozen steps and an addicting scoring system, Razion EX is available for just £ 17.95 online.

The reworked EX Edition features a ton of upgrades and improvements, including big-screen visuals, a workout mode, and new music.

You can see the full list of Razion EX changes and improvements below …

• A reworked game

• Rebalanced and reduced difficulty

• Added bullet cancellation for some enemies

• Reworked vessel controls and movements

• Improved graphics and 32-bit effects added

• Upgrade to big screen

• Added scan line filter

• Slightly reworked levels

• Reworked rating mechanisms

• Unlocking continues

• Added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses

• Addition of a small end

• CD quality music


– 6 scenes with various settings

– 6 huge end bosses

– 7 sub-bosses

– 3 game modes


– 16-bit CGI graphics rendering horizontal shooter

Speaking of Nintendo, fans are counting on the rumor of the Direct conference set to take place this week.

According to reports, Nintendo will reveal more about the upcoming proprietary Metroid Dread game.

Additionally, the company is expected to announce the final character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo is also likely to spotlight titles like Splatoon 3 and the upcoming Project Triangle Strategy role-playing game.

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The first and second Metal Slug missions are implemented on Nintendo Switch

Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission tells a sort of origin story, set in the early days of the Peregrine Falcon Special Forces Squad. While 1st Mission stars an unnamed hero who is likely franchise veteran Marco, 2nd Mission features three playable characters. Two of them, Gimlet and Red Eye, have interwoven stories, while the third, Tequila, is playable once players beat all other stages. Both games are notable for having a large number of missions compared to the main Metal Slug titles. Like the other games in the collection, Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission appear on the Switch rendered in their original square resolution. The game screen appears in a Neo Geo Pocket Color virtual console. First launched in Japan in 1999, the Neo Geo Pocket Color has had a tough time in the market. Competition from Nintendo was fierce. He still overcame the success of the Game Boy Color and would soon release the Game Boy Advance. Combined with the existing financial problems, the Neo Geo Pocket Color ended up being the last console of any type produced by SNK. It was officially discontinued in 2001.

Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The latest Metal Slug title is Metal Slug Commander for mobile devices. Metal Slug Tactics is in development for PC.

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