Nintendo Switch ARMS game gets new update for the first time since 2018

The 3D fighting game exclusive to Nintendo Switch ARMS received its first update since 2018. ARMS was one of the early success stories of the Nintendo Switch, a new IP that became one of the platform’s best sellers as fans continued to wonder if the handheld device was just another Wii U. Yet, after this surge of post-launch success, Nintendo is gone ARMS wade in many ways. The absence of an update for more than four years should make this clear.

The latest update for ARMS, version 5.4.0, was released by Nintendo in September 2018. The update included balance adjustments for almost the entire roster, as well as support for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app . The latest content update for ARMS was delivered on December 21, 2017 and included Dr. Coyle as a new fighter, as well as ARMs Lokjaw, Parabola, and Brrchuk. The lack of updates since has led to ARMS fade into memory.


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ARMS‘ latest update is unfortunately not substantial enough to reinvigorate its player base. The only note Nintendo has to share about the update is that it fixes several issues to “improve the gameplay experience.” Maybe ARMS fans may notice any significant changes in the game, or a dataminer may look for less obvious changes. More likely than not, however, ARMS players may not notice a single change in gameplay.

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What makes the update schedule for ARMS so strange is that before September 2018, Nintendo aggressively backed the game. In 2017, Nintendo released almost 10 substantial updates for ARMS, many with robust content additions. While content updates ended in 2017, even into 2018 Nintendo provided several robust balance updates. With ARMS even be given a character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with “The Ramen Bomber” Min Min added as DLC in Fighters Pass Vol. 2, something may have gone wrong.

Nintendo spent the Switch generation figuring out how to provide post-launch support for many of its games. ARMS was part of that initial wave. Nintendo has released five different characters as DLC and while the success of the DLC is unclear, Nintendo’s decision not to release more could indicate disappointing adoption, but that’s just speculation at this time.

It’s hard not to see today’s update for ARMS as something more than ensuring the game continues to run and run smoothly on Switch. This is very unlikely to indicate further support, given the time since the last patch. ARMS‘ initial sales were strong, so some hope for the future ARMS releases leftovers. Fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath, though.

ARMS is now available on Switch.

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