Bayonetta 3 is coming to Nintendo eShop

Given how long it’s been since the previous title was released on Wii U, not counting ports to the Switch, a lot of people were interested in seeing how Bayonet 3 would do from a sales standpoint. The franchise was never the best-selling, but it didn’t fail either. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had three games in a row. People have been watching the sales of the third title since its launch on the 28th. Currently, both physical and digital sales are looking promising. The game already does better than last title made in UKand when it comes to digital sales, the Umbra Witch is on top.

It may have taken a while, but one hardcore fan noticed that several regions with the Nintendo eShop have Bayonet 3 at the top. This includes Japan and now the United States. The United Kingdom has it fourth. But as many have noted, its games haven’t always sold well in this region. Some might think we overestimate the importance of digital sales, but make no mistake. While digital purchases might have been a “lower point of income” at first, they have now become the norm. Some people only buy digital copies of their favorite games, and that goes for upcoming titles as well.

Additionally, Nintendo sometimes only announced digital sales once it was ready to show the total number. So if the NPD or other numbers seem weak, see if they represent digital sales; it is entirely possible that they did not.

Looking at it objectively, a valid sales target for Bayonet 3 would be a million in a decent amount of time. For this particular game, that would be a month, if not less. The second game’s Switch port hit a million, but it took a while. With the hype surrounding the third title and the controversy that occurred just before launch, fans have probably already gotten their copy. Or, they might wait for deals like Black Friday before they get theirs. It will depend on who buys it.

If the game can reach a million before the end of November, it would be a success. Of course, many would already call it a hit thanks to rave reviews from critics, but sales matter here. The head of PlatinumGames, Hideki Kamiya, was eternally grateful to Nintendo for letting his team clinch the third title. They introduced him to the company after a stroke of bad luck, and the Big N was more than happy to let them continue making games for them.

This will likely be Bayonetta’s last game, but again, she has a way of reinventing herself every time, so you never know.

Or maybe PlatinumGames will focus on creating new IPs for the Switch and beyond. Only time will tell.

Source: Twitter

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