Roundup of November visual novels on Nintendo Switch – CHAOS, HEAD NOAH, CHAOS, CHILD and Amnesia


Chaos ; chief noah is a visual novel in the Science Adventure series, set shortly before Steins;Door. Chaos ; chief noah is the first English translation of the visual novel. Chos; chief noah is dark and bloody, especially compared to Steins;Door. The game follows a series of gruesome murders and the protagonist, Takumi, finds himself drawn into it. He can go through positive or negative illusions that influence the story, especially the results of murders. The players themselves will choose which delusions Takumi endures, allowing the game to get messy quickly. Negative illusions are particularly dark and not for the faint-hearted.

Whereas Chaos ; chief noah does not reach the heights of Steins;Door, it’s still a very enjoyable visual novel if players are into the darker themes. When players travel all the roads, it can actually fill in some gaps for the rest of the series. Positive Illusions may have unnecessary fan service, but they’re also fun to explore. Takumi isn’t a great protagonist though. He is too sullen and generally unfriendly. Still, the supporting cast is nice enough, and some are endearing.

It shows its age, but Chaos ; chief noah is a solid experience for visual novel fans.


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In the continuity of Chaos ; chief noah, this visual novel is more or less the same. Even though it’s a sequel, Chaos;Child actually had a few English translations before. However, it now comes with Chaos ; chief noah in the Nintendo eShop, giving new players a chance to check this one out.

Chaos;Child is a much deeper experience, and generally more fulfilling. The protagonist is more likable and the characters are all excellent. There are plenty of routes for players to explore that can result in a game of at least 40 hours if they want to see it all. It is a massive commitment, but the close link with Steins;Door and the thrilling mystery will keep players invested. This is an upgrade on Chaos ; chief noah in almost every way.

Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: Memories for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

Amnesia is an otome visual novel that continues what one would expect from an Idea Factory visual novel. The art matches the house style players were used to, the main character has amnesia, and there are plenty of boys to fall in love with. If there wasn’t the option to choose between one of four worlds at the start of each game, it would be a cookie-cutter experience.

The characters are cool and there are some really exciting things happening in Amnesia, but it just doesn’t stand out from the crowd. There are far better experiences with far more finishes on the Nintendo Switch, and only die-hard fans should check this one out.

Amnesia: Later X Crowd

Amnesia: Later x Crowd - Nintendo Switch

Amnesia: Later X Crowd has tons of storylines because it includes fandisk for both amnesia later and Amnesic crowd. There’s a lot of value here, and fans of memories of amnesia will probably appreciate the different visions of the universe.

There’s a lot more polish here than in Memories, making it the best experience. The only downside is that playing through Memories is basically a requirement.

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