Game of the Year comes to a second change

Electronic Arts Inc. announced in November 2022 that It Takes Two has won over 90 awards, including The Game Awards and DICEs Game of the Year. This will be available on the Nintendo Switch. It Takes Two is a company that was developed by The Hazelight studio at the start of the BAFTA award and released under the EA Origins label. It’s a feature of the acclaimed co-op experience players know and love and optimized for Nintendo Switch.

Players can try playing this console with one of the 2nd games, Rollout, or mix in either console. Players who are the creator of this game can also invite friends to play Friends Pass for free. The universal relationship story on The Twos can be read in different languages.

This title allows players to unravel the intricate web that Cody and May are encased in by magical magic spells that turn them into dolls… and take on bizarre challenges anywhere. Each level needs a unique metaphor, which brings to life a global story that comes to life with a world of relationships, a cult of words combining Cody and May, to save their fractured marriage while waiting for their divorce. Whether its vacuums are too much, the suave love gurus with lots of opinions, or the nightclub that wants a DJ, obstacles will crop up everywhere, which is worth it.

Takes Two is free until September 13. The new addition hits retail and digital stores November 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED for $39.99.

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