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It’s time for another list, folks. This time I decided to go with a weird theme just to see what we can do with it. You see a lot of games today with the word “Simulator” in their titles. Some of them are realistic simulators. Some of them are crazy, to say the least. What I chose to do is grab my ten favorite Nintendo Switch games with that word in the title and put them in a list for you. These are just my personal picks and the games are not listed in any particular order. If you have any suggestions, be sure to comment below. Let’s go!

Goat Simulator: The Goat ($29.99)

No list of games with ‘Simulator’ in the title would be complete without goat simulator, arguably one of the games that popularized the idea of ​​dumb simulators. Be a goat! Do a lot of boring things! Check the items in the lists! Explore a fairly large amount of content thanks to all the extensions included! Is this an accurate representation of a goat’s life? Probably not. Real goats aren’t as… sustainable like these comrades. But it’s an absurdly good moment that parodies reality and video games in equal measure, and a game that’s very hard not to like.

Cooking Simulator ($19.99)

A little more realistic than goat simulator, but there’s definitely plenty of opportunity here for stupid things to happen. Listen, we all know how to cook, even if for some of us it’s only a little. But given clumsy arms and a bit of clumsy movement, even making toast and eggs can lead to disaster in this game. While it doesn’t really lend itself well to marathon sessions, it’s a game fun to toss once in a while. It’s also hilarious for other people to watch you play, so there’s that for that too.

Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition ($19.99)

While the subject matter may not appeal to everyone, this is a very well-made farming simulator that offers plenty of depth and realism while still being quite enjoyable to play. It sounds a lot like a good simulation game, and this list could definitely use a bit of it. Explore a large terrain, drive tons of authentic farming vehicles, grow crops, take care of your livestock and do whatever you can to keep your farming business running smoothly. While there’s a newer version of the game on the eShop, I feel like the price of this one makes it an easier starting point for newcomers.

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition ($19.99)

There’s no doubt about it: it’s a game that requires a little investment to prepare. It’s a card game with a rich narrative and a Lovecraftian edge, and it seems to believe that the best way to learn is through the school of hard knocks. The patient player will eventually unravel the rules of this opaque game, bit by bit, and in doing so, they will find richer rewards. Just know that he’s not afraid to get into his horror elements.

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game ($19.99)

You know it takes a plot to be the weirdest game in a list that includes goat simulatorbut here we are. WEEER simulator chooses stupid at every possible turn, and the end result is something you’ll either hate to bits or find oddly charming. Whether you just want to relax or do some destructive deer kaiju around town, you can rest assured that things will turn out in completely unexpected ways. I’m not even sure what this one is simulating. A bad trip, perhaps?

Thief Simulator ($19.99)

This heist simulation game is really, really rough around the edges. I would say that its interface is practically a nightmare, and nothing works as you would ideally like. You will encounter countless bugs as you play. And yet, there is something irresistible here. The premise is solid, allowing you to cram houses and take a variety of approaches to escape with the loot in each one. You unlock a bunch of neat gadgets that help keep the flight fresh as you play through the story. If you need your games polished, this one won’t make you happy. But if you can appreciate a good idea clumsily executed, you might like this one.

Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator ($29.99)

I really dig this kind of thing. It’s strange, because I never really drank even in my youth and I had maybe three drinks in the last twelve years. But I’m fascinated by games about making liquor and running a business around it, and hundred days is a very Well. Like, period, this might just be the best game on this list in a pure sense. It’s satisfyingly deep but not overly difficult to understand, and even if you’re not interested in the subject, you’ll still be engrossed. It feels like one of those well-kept eShop secrets, and it deserves more than that.

Bus Driver Simulator ($29.99)

All kids love bus driving simulators, so I would be remiss if I didn’t include one here. This one seems to be most people’s favorite of the selection on Switch. What is the appeal of this particular variety of simulator? I think learning to manage your schedule can be very relaxing, and there’s something soothing about the movement of buses. This game gives you lots of buses, lots of areas to drive in, a variety of upgrades, different weather conditions and time changes, and lots of interesting elements that add texture to the overall experience.

Sky Fledge: A Girl Education Simulator ($9.99)

It’s far from the best parenting simulation game on the Switch, but it’s the only one with “Simulator” in the title. We’re handcuffed here, guys. It’s a very mundane game in many ways, but the loop is satisfying enough and the infrequent rewards nice enough that you can probably find enough to keep playing until the end of the game. Just be prepared for the makes the parts of the game that raise the girls are to some extent its weakest and most boring sections.

Space Warlord Organ Swap Simulator ($19.99)

Let’s go on a weird note, shall we? This is just a simple average simulator of buying, selling and trading organs in the stellar black market. It has a lot of flavor from those trading simulation games that were so hot in the early days of the BBS and their kin. There’s a story here too, and it’s worth living through if you’re not too disgusted by the basic theme of it all. He handles it all with a dark sense of humor, but in the end, you get involved in the organ trade. Probably not the game to play with the little ones.

And that’s the list! Remember, if you have any suggestions or just want to talk about your favorite games with “Simulator” in the title, I encourage you to comment below. It was fun for me to write, because I had to sift through games that a lot of people probably wouldn’t consider very… you know, good. But there is fun in the quirky corners of the eShop, and this is definitely one of them. Seriously, check hundred days. Thanks for reading!

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