ANNO: The Mutationem demo is now available on Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the neon-covered 2D-meet-3D Cyberpunk world of ANNO: Mutationem. In this action-adventure game with RPG elements, you become Ann: a highly skilled combat-trained lone wolf on a personal mission in the giant metropolis, full of sinister mega-corporations, mysterious outcast groups and weirder creatures than words cannot express it.

Explore and discover

A world full of surprises awaits you! While working through the main story, you can chat with a Cyborg corgi, take on a part-time bartender job, hunt down vicious criminals, and reveal the true face of a trendy V-streamer! Exploring various locations such as the neon Noctis Town, an offshore freighter, and massive underground structures, players are free to go as they please and do as they please.

Show a new perspective

Unique 2D to 3D gameplay, seamless switching between 2D Action n’ Platforming and 3D Exploration to interact with the world and its inhabitants. Let’s dive into pixel gaming from another angle!

Ann kicks ass

Ann will slice, shoot, combine, throw grenades and ground smash through hordes of enemies and huge bosses. From greatswords to dual blades, pistols to rocket launchers and uppercuts, it’s time to become the one girl army you always knew you had in you.

· Try to finish the puzzle

A great story, befitting a rich and dark cyberpunk setting, featuring our main hero Ann Flores and her trusty hyper-hacking sidekick Ayane on a personal mission to find out where her missing brother has gone. The two do not know exactly what they will discover…

Please arm yourself to the teeth

Collect, buy, or craft items and upgrade Ann’s stats, skills, and gear. Use chips to modify any type of weapon you find. Equip Ann and prepare her for battle for any enemies (humanoid and not…) that are about to move towards her.

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