I have a misinterpretation about an updated Nintendo Switch

Developers know that Nintendo kicked off the whole mid-cycle refresh trend. This is also the reason why the Switch isn’t ready for a slight upgrade. The handheld hybrid console hit stores five years ago and hasn’t really gotten a substantial upgrade. The closest thing we have is the Nintendo Switch OLED. While some think the Switch Pro is coming, some aren’t so optimistic.

The good news is that there are no reports to suggest a Switch Pro is coming at all.

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The majority of conflicting stories come from “Moore’s Law is Dead” and Takashi Mochizuki.

Nikkei: This exercise does not authorize any new Nintendo hardware, i.e. end of March 2023. It is not immediately clear whether this article is related to Nikkei’s own reports or what the president of Nintendo. https://t.co/HJVqk9Kbef?le==339=1bc/.

Takashi Mochizuki (@6d6f636869) August 4, 2022

Moore’s Law is Dead is a trusted industry insider that has had more hits than misses lately. In a Broken Silicon podcast, Moore’s Law says he’s quitting the vampa. No official and public information confirms that Moore’s Law is leaking. But, not to mention studying what he said.

On the other hand, Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki pointed out that a recent Nikkei interview with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa highlights the ill-gotten possibility that the gaming giant may not be releasing new hardware this exercise.

The change has progressed a year and will make it a success.

Again, we won’t be surprised if Nintendo indulges in the luxury of new hardware upgrades. Earlier this week, Nintendo reported a significant drop in Q1 Switch sales due to limited inventory. This was consistent with Furukawa’s earlier statements.

That might be helpful, but that contradictory report wouldn’t come at all. After all, since Nintendo won’t be releasing the Switch this fiscal year, that doesn’t mean it won’t be released after March 2023. One analyst has claimed that Nintendo may reveal the Switch Pro this summer. If we’re assuming this to be true, Nintendo can always push the game’s reveal date back a few months in order to get a Q1 release. In this fantastic fictional scenario, the Switch Pro could happen alongside the War of the Wild sequel.

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