Steam now supports Nintendo Switch Classic Online Controllers

Nintendo Switch Online has generated a lot of discussion, both good and bad. While praise seems to revolve around the ease of use and convenience of the service, criticisms arise referring to the selection of games as the emulation works very well and provides a seamless experience, many are wondering why there are so few titles. Lamenting that previous Nintendo Eshop channels provided a plethora of games, the monthly drop system has made some fans wary. Still, the service has been great at delivering those great retro experiences in new ways. That’s why Nintendo started producing classic controllers to sell the experience. While the molds for the devices are the originals, there are some modern changes. With 4 classic controllers released now, official PC support has been wanted for a long time. Thanks to the new Steam update, users can finally use Nintendo Switch Online classic controllers on Steam.

Which Nintendo Switch Online Classic controllers are supported by Steam?

While PlayStation 5 users have been using their Dual sense on Steam for a few years now, the service has only recently supported controller firmware updates. Although the need is rare, they are sometimes crucial to maintaining a smooth gaming experience. While Steam has struggled in the past to recognize certain gamepads, in recent memory the company has moved towards more support. With the advent of the Steam Bridge, Valve insisted on supporting all major controllers. Not only improving native SteamOS controller remapping, but allowing more game controllers to support it. Although the client is constantly improving, recent support has some drawbacks. While rumble functionality hasn’t always been so present in PC games, the update adds support for even the new classic N64 and Sega Genesis controller.

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