Nintendo eShop Update: LIVE A LIVE, Bright Memory: Infinite, Train Valley

Fans of cult Japanese RPGs are going to be very pleased with this week’s eShop update, as Nintendo and Square Enix bring the modern remake of LIVE A LIVE to Switch. Originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan in 1994, the game has been remade with a new “HD-2D” paint coat that combines its original pixel art with some more modern touches.

It’s not the only game coming to the eShop, of course. There’s also Bright Memory: Infinite, Train Valley, and a few dozen other titles. Check out the full list below and also check out the updated list from Nintendo’s Game Store, here.

This week’s Nintendo download includes the following content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • LIVE LIVE – A classic RPG reborn! LIVE LIVE has been revitalized in a stunning HD-2D visual style that blends 3D environments and modern effects with pixel-art characters and details. Play as different heroes through the ages and uncover seven intertwined stories from the start, from prehistory to the Wild West, to the near future and beyond. Each character has their own set of abilities and mechanics that change their gameplay. Use these character-specific abilities to excel in battle, progress through each chapter, and discover how their stories are connected. LIVE LIVE will be available on July 22.


  • Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 – The next installment of high-speed 2D action Gunvolt the series is here with Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3. Balancing both an engrossing story and satisfying gameplay, it’s the most outlandish entry in the series to date! Play as both new star Kirin and series protagonist Gunvolt as you switch between them on the fly while conquering numerous stages and bosses. The thrilling dystopian story of the near future unfolds in Story Mode+, which keeps the thrilling action uninterrupted by the rich story. new to Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 are image pulses, summons, and collectible gear from Gunvolt’s own memories. Over 150 varieties are available to collect! Pre-order Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 today ahead of its July 28 launch.


  • Happy birthday, Pokemon UNITE! – It’s been a year since Pokémon Trainers first landed on Aeos Island, which means it’s time to celebrate a year of fierce battles and fabulous Aeos energy dunks in the area beginning. The excitement kicks off on July 21 with new Unite licenses, Holowear and freebies for logging in, the start of Battle Pass Season 9, and a delicious birthday cake challenge. Since it wouldn’t really be a party without a cake, trainers will be able to collect frosting for the birthday cake challenge, which will run until September 1 at 4:59 p.m. PT. Fight and complete missions to collect icing to create a mouth-watering birthday cake, while earning useful rewards. To know more 1st Birthday activities for Pokémon UNITE, visit Happy Birthday, Trainers!

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