Yu Gi Oh! Go Rush Switch Game Announcement

Konami has announced a brand new Yu Gi Oh! game titled Yu Gi Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of Battle Royale!! Let’s go! Go quickly !!.

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The next match, which presumably follows last year’s Yu Gi Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of Battle Royale!!, will be released on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It is currently scheduled to release in Japan this winter, and there is no release date outside of Japan. Given the global popularity of Yu Gi Oh!a worldwide release is likely at a later date.

You can check out the announcement tweet below:

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The next one is based on Yu Gi Oh! Go quickly !!the eighth principal Yu Gi Oh! animated series. “Summon powerful monsters left and right,” reads the previous Hasty duel game synopsis. “Reverse the trend with countless draws. Rush Duels aren’t over until the very last card is played!

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