APICO is buzzing on Nintendo Switch to meet all beekeeping needs

Getting down to business with bees-knees.

The Switch is already home to quite a few unique titles, but you’ll still be hard pressed to find one that quite resembles the new APICO.

Developed by TNgineers team, APIC is a new kid on the block from Nindie talking about the wonders of beekeeping. Set on the aptly named APICO Island archipelago, players will assume the role of a beekeeper as they collect and craft resources in order to develop their apiary. All this with the aim of collecting and conserving a variety of different bee species, in addition to rehabilitating those that have been lost.

Players will be able to experience “mini-games of resource gathering, biology, and beekeeping, taking ideas from a mix of real and fantasy beekeeping and floriculture.”

APIC is described as being a “casual” style of simulation, of which there have certainly been a growing number throughout the industry. The portable nature of the Switch also encourages easy pick-up and play sessions; a perfect setup for a title like this.

Whereas APIC is primarily presented as a single-player experience, it supports online play with up to four other bee-centric players. Of course, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to access the game’s online features, including the ability to use Cloud Saves.

At only $19.99, APIC seems to be quite the bees knees for gamers who want to settle into a stable bee company. Proceeds from game sales are also donated to real beekeeping foundations.

APIC is available now on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

APIC is also available on Steam (and other PC storefronts) for the same price of $19.99. On Steam, it got a “very positive” rating from gamers. So, new Switch players should also expect to enjoy their experience with this biology simulator.

Source: GoNintendo

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