Nintendo Insider Gives New Rumored Donkey Kong Switch Game Update

A notable Nintendo insider has provided a new update on the Japanese video game developer’s upcoming Donkey Kong project. For most of the past year, a number of different rumors and reports have been circulating claiming that Nintendo is working on a new Donkey Kong title for Switch. And while none of this has been confirmed just yet, it looks like we might end up learning a lot more about this mysterious game in the near future if this new update proves to be accurate.

According to a new report from a credible insider who goes by the name of Zippo, Nintendo has actually finished working on this new Donkey Kong title in question. This might sound strange to hear considering that Nintendo hasn’t even announced a new game associated with the beloved monkey yet, but it’s something we’ve seen in the past with Nintendo as well. For one reason or another, Nintendo often completes games long before they reveal them to the public, let alone release them. This report from Zippo goes on to say that it’s uncertain where Nintendo might end up officially announcing this game.

One such possibility in regards to the unveiling of this new Donkey Kong game would be during an upcoming Nintendo Direct. In recent weeks, rumors have steadily grown claiming that Nintendo will host a new Direct next week, potentially June 29th. Again, Nintendo has yet to verify this, but even if it did, there’s still no confirmation that a Donkey Kong project would be announced during the presentation.

At this point, there hasn’t been a new mainline Donkey Kong game in almost a decade. The last entry associated with DK was that of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Jellywhich first launched on Wii U in 2014. Nintendo later ported the game and brought it to Switch in 2018. Since then, however, Donkey Kong hasn’t had a new game to play.

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