Leaker says development on new Fire Emblem Switch game ended over a year ago

The fire emblem the franchise is very successful and Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Waiting, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes both continue to be successful and popular games in the fire emblem franchise to hold fans up to three hopes released on June 24.

Fire Emblem: Three Housesreleased in July 2019, is still a hugely popular game with fans of the franchise around the world, but gamers are hungry for something new. fire emblem content and hope that a brand new game will be released soon. Three Houses is a turn-based strategy game as well as an RPG with team-building and pulpit mechanics that is unique in its story and gameplay, and fans are hoping for something equally refreshing in a new fire emblem Release.


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Luckily, fans have something to look forward to as well-known Nintendo leaker and Nintendo World Report contributor Kelly Rogers leaks some details about a new fire emblem upcoming game on the Nintendo Switch which has already completed development. She indicates that the game was intended to be part of the celebration of fire emblem‘s 30th anniversary and reveals some details about graphics, characters and even a new gameplay “gimmick”. The news is definitely welcome news for fans of the franchise and is fully detailed in the Famiboards below.

Rogers states that the game is a collaborative effort between Intelligent Systems, Warriors developer Koei Tecmo and Gust – a division of Koei Tecmo and creators of the Workshop series. The details on the emblems used to summon Fire Emblem characters look interesting and will give the game depth and complexity. Additionally, Gust’s cel-shaded visual style should add a fascinating new look to the fire emblem universe.

The question is, if the game has been ready for over a year, when will it be released on the Nintendo Switch? Rogers’ post doesn’t reveal anything about a release window or even a prediction, but it’s safe to say that fire emblems the games are getting enough attention that even without too much information about the game, fans will be happy to head to retailers to pick up the game for themselves.

It’s true that rumors and speculation about games can be dangerous, but Kelly Rogers is known for providing accurate information on Nintendo leaks, so fans can look forward to hearing more news about a new one. fire emblem game soon.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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