Prince of Tennis II Switch game confirmed

The official site of the Prince of Tennis II anime has announced that the series will soon be getting a Nintendo Switch game. Although it was hinted at months ago, Bushiroad had yet to give excited fans a name for the upcoming game. From now on, The New Prince of Tennis: Let’s Go!! Daily life will take place after the original series. The company behind it all, Bushiroad, will also release a console version of the game on an undisclosed date in the fall.

The game itself is described as a “documentary adventure game”. It will tell an all-new origin story featuring the voices and dialogues of all 62 anime characters. The trailer shows that the game will follow a new group of boys competing in the Sportsman Hunting Deluxe. Despite the name of the tournament, it is essential for a team competition. There will be different “pair” endings between the characters. However, it’s unclear how many endings there will be in total.

Nintendo Switch’s Prince of Tennis: Maintaining a long-standing franchise

The previous Prince of Tennis II The game was a rhythm action smartphone game released in 2017. The game featured dozens of character songs, including the theme song for the current anime season at the time. Currently, an English version of the game is available for Android and iOS devices.

Prince of Tennis II Switch Game

the original king of tennis The manga follows a middle school tennis player named Ryoma Echizen. From there, Ryoma must battle rivals and friends to reach the National Tennis Tournament. The author, Takeshi Konomi, serialized the manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from 1999 to 2008. From there, the manga inspired an anime series that ran from 2001 to 2005, two starring films, various anime projects, a live-action television series, and musicals.

the Prince of Tennis II the anime series will premiere this year. It will be the franchise’s first television series in about a decade.

From now on, the Prince of Tennis II The Nintendo Switch game will be available in the fall of 2022. There is no news regarding the localization yet.

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