DOOM fan creates unique statue to display broken Switch game card

Limited Run Games has had a physical version of DOOM: The Classics Collection on Switch for a while, but some users have reported an issue with the title. Those who purchased the game and had a Switch that was never connected to the internet were still prompted to sign in to a Nintendo Account to access the content. Limited Run Games offers physical titles to avoid such issues, and they were only made aware of the issue once the copies were in the hands of fans.

The new physical copies offered don’t have the same issue, so that’s all sorted for new customers. What about those who have the old game cards? Limited Run Games offers replacement game cards, but they require proof that you actually own an affected copy of the game. Limited Run suggests that you open a ticket on their website and then return your game cartridge , but one owner took a more drastic approach to approving their replacement request.

Instead of just returning his game card, DOOM: The Classics Collection owner Zuljaras took the time to craft a polymer clay DOOMguy. Zuljaras then physically cracked his game card in half and placed it in DOOMguy’s hands to make it look like he ripped and tore it. We don’t think DOOMguy would want it any other way!

If you’re an affected owner, you can get all the details on securing your replacement copy of the game here.

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