The highly rated Nintendo Switch game was delayed days before release

An upcoming Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED game has been delayed two days before it hits Nintendo eShop. It’s not often that a game gets delayed the same week it was supposed to release, but it does happen. The latest example of this rare event is cloud gardens, which will no longer be released on any Nintendo Switch console this Thursday due to a “minor backend issue”. Although the problem seems minor, curiously, there is no new release date.

“Due to a minor backend issue, Coatsink and Noio are sorry to announce that their chilling title about using the power of nature to reclaim beautiful lo-fi scenes of urban decay, cloud gardens, will be delayed on Nintendo Switch,” reads a statement from the former, the game’s publisher, about the delay. “The game was previously scheduled to launch on May 12, 2022, but due to this minor setback, it needs a little more time to grow. Unfortunately, a new release date cannot be announced yet, so stay tuned for more information to be shared soon!”

cloud gardens debuted September 1, 2021 via PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S after a stint in early access that lasted about a year. The game has not yet arrived on PlayStation platforms or announced for PlayStation platforms.

The game claims no critic scores on Metacritic, but on Steam, 96% of 1,447 user reviews rate the game positively, giving it an “extremely positive” rating.

“Harness the power of nature to invade lo-fi scenes of urban decay and manufactured landscapes,” reads an official pitch for the game. “Create small, plant-covered dioramas of brutality and beauty by planting seeds , reusing hundreds of discarded objects and creating unique structures that nature can recover.”

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