Check out the new Nintendo Switch game causing massive property damage

By Jason Collins | 3 weeks ago

Ah, the good old 2000s, a time when the world didn’t end, Kylie made a comeback, Big brother changed reality TV, retro cell phones and shattered TV and monitor screens. Two decades later, cropped cardigans are making a comeback, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo gamers are once again shoving their controllers into their televisions and gaming monitors, causing costly property damage for the same reason they’re throwing them. did in 2006. Welcome, Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo’s previous major console, the Nintendo Wii (not including the Wii U) was released in 2006. It was a big deal during pre-release, as it heralded the iconic nunchucks wireless controller that would supposedly revolutionize the game. Nintendo has even developed a launch game to accompany its new console, titled Wii Sports, who made full use of said controller. The only downside was that it tended to slip out of people’s hands and land directly on their TV screens, causing massive cracks and rendering the screens unusable. According to Kotaku, Nintendo did it again and dropped the Nintendo Switch Sports — spiritual successor to Sports Wii video game.

Like its predecessor, the Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation that includes several mini-games, including bowling, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. As with the previous entry in the Nintendo Sports series, the Switch version of the game uses the console’s wireless remote’s built-in motion controls to play, which means your thumbs aren’t doing all the work – you’re actually an active participant who is likely to sweat excessively and even to burn some calories in the process.

Unfortunately, just like with the Wii’s nunchucks controller, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con also has a tendency to slip out of gamers’ hands, smashing right into their TVs mid-game, resulting in a broken screen. Fixing a broken screen is an expensive business, and buying a new TV is often a better option. For example, Samsung’s new 40-inch LED TV costs around $400, and a display panel replacement costs around $380. We have to admit, Nintendo Switch Sports has some of the most expensive badminton sessions in gaming – often mirroring the price of a new TV.

In the most recent adventures, a Twitch streamer named 63man, went viral over the weekend after he accidentally, but surprisingly casually, threw his Joy-Con at his monitor while playing a tennis match in Nintendo Switch Sports. So it looks like another two decades of gaming history will be marked by hilarious YouTube videos of gamers causing property damage, albeit by accident, to Nintendo console controllers and game titles.

There’s a whole montage of gamers completely destroying their screens while playing. Sports Wii, and there will be whole montages of people doing the same game Nintendo Switch Sports. Certainly, Nintendo reduced these accidents immediately after the Wii promotion ended in a broken screen by releasing wristbands for the Wii Remote. Drawing on their past experiences, the company shipped Joy-Cons with the straps included, but let’s face it – no one had seen theirs since they casually threw them over their shoulders while unboxing the console. .

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