Switch Game Boy emulator discovered with GBA games list

(Pocket-lint) – Before Nintendo launched its expansion to Switch Online and added classic N64 and Mega Drive games to play, it was rumored that it was also adding a Game Boy emulator and an additional range of retro titles to his department.

Now that seems even more likely as official Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulator files have leaked – allegedly extracted from a Switch console. Additionally, a datamine of the GBA version revealed that no less than 40 games have already been tested by Nintendo.

This includes Mario Kart Super Circuit, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and Metroid Fusion. You can see the full list below, along with MondoMega by posting it on his Twitter feed.

Of course, these games may not come to Switch at all – they were simply tested using the official Game Boy Advance emulator.

And, Nintendo might choose not to fully include Game Boy in its Switch Online lineup, especially now that the software has leaked. However, we certainly hope it does, as it would make the monthly subscription service even more powerful in our eyes.

We also hope that it will be soon. We will keep you posted.

Written by Rik Henderson.

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