Formula Retro Racing inspired by Virtua Racing is coming to Nintendo Switch

Inspired by OutRun, Slipstream is drifting onto consoles today. Replicating the pseudo-3D visuals of early ’90s sprite-scaling games, it joins other retro-inspired indie racers like Horizon Chase Turbo and Hotshot Racing.

Another retro indie racer will soon join the club, as Formula Retro Racing is coming to Nintendo Switch next week.

Modern-day Virtua Racing

Formula Retro Racing was created by Repixel8, the individual developer of Gravity Chase.

While Slipstream is an homage to OutRun, Formula Retro Racing is inspired by another influential Sega racer: Virtua Racing. Released in 1992, Virtua Racing was one of the first 3D polygon racing games.

Formula Retro Racing looks like modern-day Virtua Racing

Formula Retro Racing replicates Virtua Racing’s low poly graphics, bright blue skies, and high-speed checkpoint racing.

Despite the retro aesthetic, the visuals and gameplay are modernized with smooth 4K visuals and more responsive car driving than the classic arcade racers that inspired it.

Formula Retro Racing features eight unique tracks with varying difficulty and online leaderboards. In addition to the classic arcade checkpoint races, there is also an Eliminator mode.

No retro racer would be complete without local multiplayer, and Formula Retro Racing delivers. Up to four players can race together in split-screen, resuming the classic multiplayer racing experience.

Release date

Formula Retro Racing originally released on PC and Xbox One in 2020 before being ported to PS4 last year.

Priced at £11.99, the Nintendo Switch version of Formula Retro Racing will be released on April 15. You can pre-order the retro-inspired racer from the Nintendo eShop.

Formula Retro Racing replicates the high-speed checkpoint racing of classic ’90s arcade games

If you’re a fan of retro 3D racers like Virtua Racing, this might be worth a look. Alternatively, Sega Ages released a terrific port of Virtua Racing on Nintendo Switch in 2019 if you want to play the real thing.

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