Aksys Games Will Release Jack Jeanne Switch Game In English In 2023 – News

Release windows for Horgihugh and Friends, Undernauts revealed

Aksys Games announced at the New Game Plus Expo event that it will release the Jacques Jeanne game, Broccoli’s collaborative project with tokyo ghoul manga creator Sui Ishidafor nintendo Switch in English in 2023.

The company also revealed the following release dates and windows:

  • Horgiugh and his friends for nintendo Switch – June 16
  • Undernauts: Yomi’s Labyrinth for PlayStation 5 – summer 2022
  • RICO London for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – April 28

Aksys Games describes Jacques Jeanne:

Kisa is about to give up on her dream of becoming an actress when she gets the opportunity to attend the prestigious All Boys Drama School which she has always admired. She is admitted on two conditions: to be chosen as the protagonist of the final show and to hide her identity as a girl! The competition at school is fierce and the rivalry is real! Can Kisa be able to forge powerful bonds with her all-male classmates while battling them? Will she be cast in the main role of the final performance at the end of the year while keeping her secret?

At Jack Jeanne’s The official Twitter account previously revealed earlier this month that the game will be released in English and Traditional Chinese. The in-game UI and text will be translated into English and Chinese, but the voice acting and music will remain in Japanese in the localized versions.

The game started for nintendo Switch in Japan in March 2021 after two delays.

The game features both visual novel and rhythm game elements, and focuses on theater and a drama school setting. Broccoli said the game had “20 novels” of story. The main storyline of the game is fully voiced.

Ishida is credited with original work and character design, and he also worked on world design, in-game artwork, and insert a song game lyrics. Shin Towada (tokyo ghoul new series) wrote the game’s script alongside Ishida. Akira Kosemura composed the music. Lownine is credited for concept art, while Seishiro is credited for choreography. Broccoli developed the game in collaboration with Happinet.

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