Nintendo Switch folders allow players to organize their games by franchise

Nintendo Switch fans can now organize their games into folders after applying the Ver.14.0.0 update, but it comes with an annoying downside.

fans of nintendo switch can finally organize their games into folders, thanks to the Groups feature added in the latest firmware update, but that comes with an annoying catch. Nintendo Switch owners have been asking for the ability to create folders on the home screen since launch, but Nintendo has rarely updated the system’s core functions.

The Nintendo Switch has received a few updates over time, but these have been few and far between. It took three years before Nintendo Switch gamers could move files internally, even though it was something that gamers were in high demand. Fans have speculated that Nintendo tried to keep the home menu as basic as possible in order to make it load faster when called up, as the Wii U had a notoriously slow home screen and put a lot of time starting his own eShop. This could be why the Switch only has two options for home screen themes, even though the Nintendo 3DS had plenty of custom themes sold on the eShop or offered as pre-order rewards.


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Confirmed by Nintendo of America, wash. Update 14.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch is live and adds a Groups option, similar to folders. Players can group games into folders and name them whatever they want, making it easy to sort games by franchises or genres. While not as impressive as the recent improved UI concept created by Nintendo Switch fans, Switch fans are finally getting something they’ve been asking for. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned caveat is that these new Nintendo Switch group folders do not appear on the home screen.

The fact that the new group folders for Nintendo Switch are not appearing on the home screen is likely to be a frustration for some. The player must go to the library and press a button to access their groups, rather than having them easily accessible at a glance. This adds unnecessary steps to the folder access process, and partially defeats their purpose. If the player should already enter the library, all of their games will be there anyway. It’s not quite the Nintendo Switch quality of life improvement that fans have been asking for.

If nothing else, the bands update shows that Nintendo is listening to what Switch fans want – to some degree. It’s just a shame that these folders can’t be placed on the home screen, where they would be more easily accessible. Nintendo takes a long time to roll out these updates, as the Nintendo Switch has been out for five years, but it’s still getting core updates that arguably should have been there at launch, or at least during its premiere. year of sale. The Nintendo Switch still has years in the market, so these types of updates might still be released in the future. Perhaps the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro model will justify its asking price by putting folders on the home screen.

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Wash. Update 14.0.0 for the nintendo switch is available for download now.

Source: Nintendo of America/Twitter

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