Words With Freds is Wordle Clone available on the Nintendo Switch

Words With Freds is just the latest addition to a growing list of games that are Wordle clones, with this one landing on the Switch.

words with freds wordle clone

The excitement around wordle doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite being around for quite a while now. In fact, this enthusiasm has led more than one wordle clones released over the past few weeks, the latest being a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

The free word game, which gives users six attempts to solve a daily word, has been massively popular, especially on social media. In fact, the game was so popular that The New York Times recently bought wordle for an undisclosed amount that is said to be “low seven figures”. There seem to be quite a few developers out there who are hoping they can cash in on the popularity of this game by at least grabbing some attention on their own. The new Nintendo Switch clone is also trying to make money by charging at least some money for its version.


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Words with Freds is the last wordle Clone although it does not rely on word of mouth through online browsers. Instead, this particular game appeared in the Nintendo eShop and is available as a digital download for the Nintendo Switch for $1.

Words With Freds is Wordle Clone available on the Nintendo Switch

It seems that the name of the game is also a nod to another popular word game that has already gained some notoriety thanks to iOS and Google Play users who downloaded Words between friends to their mobile devices. Although the name may be a nod to Words between friendsit is very clearly meant to be considered very similar to wordle given the way the game is played.

The explanation of this wordle clone does not hide the fact that it plays like the original. Users have six chances to guess the “randomly selected word” at the original game. However, it stands to reason that users will be able to guess multiple words per day in the Switch game.

Words with Freds appeared on the Nintendo Digital Store on March 3 and one has to wonder how long it will last. With the New York Times which now financially supports wordlethe company might not take kindly to this clone making money from the idea.

wordle is available on any web browser.

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Source: Nintendo eShop

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