Royal Frontier coming soon to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

Adventure, strategy, tactics, pixel art… what more do you want in a game?

royal border, a tactical roguelike adventure and strategy game developed by Ratalaika Games and Woblyware, is coming soon to PC and consoles. In royal borderyou’ll use combat, tactics, spells and more to battle bandits as you cross treacherous borders and collect a variety of rewards.

Border of Royan is an epic roguelite-style, light-hearted, turn-based strategic adventure game developed by Woblyware that includes many exciting experiences and challenges, giving it a wider appeal than many other similar games in this genre.

Like any roguelike, each game you play is unique. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more heroes to fight and more powerful blessings to aid you in your quest to defeat the final boss. We’ll also feature 60 additional challenges, ranging from surviving four days without taking damage to tracking down Old Sawtooth, an ancient grizzly bear who lives deep in the forest.

royal border

The player will be able to select three heroes out of a total of six before each race. After that, he will choose three blessings from a list of 48. The blessings will grant various bonuses to the team, increasing their chances of survival.

The game includes a wide range of equipment, spells, heroes and monsters in royal border to keep every game interesting. The paths and events the player encounters are randomly chosen for each run, ensuring that every time you play the game you will have a unique experience. In addition, the duration of the game will vary greatly depending on the player’s abilities, but royal border has a really nice intuitive feel that ensures an enjoyable and engaging experience.

When a player completes a race, the game does not end. When a player completes a race, the game does not end. Each race is unique and the player will not be able to experience all the prizes, bosses or challenges of a single race.

royal border will launch on March 18 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the game’s trailer below!

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