Nintendo eShop payments suspended in Russia

Various Nintendo eShop users have recently reported that payments via the Russian Nintendo eShop are not being processed, and Nintendo has now confirmed that the Russian eShop has been put into “maintenance mode” as the payment service is currently not functional.

A support page on the website confirms the suspension of payments that currently prevents purchases from the Russian Nintendo eShop.

Here is an automatic Google translation of the statement in question:

Nintendo Online Store
Since the payment service used in the Nintendo eShop has suspended the processing of ruble payments, the Nintendo eShop in Russia is temporarily placed in maintenance mode.
We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused. We will share updates as the situation evolves.

At this time, it’s unclear if Nintendo itself is behind the suspension, or if the actual digital store shutdown is due to a third-party payment service provider in the region has stopped processing purchases – the wording of the translated statement would suggest the latter.

Companies including Microsoft began suspending sales to Russia last week in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Other companies in the video game industry, including The Pokémon Company, have made charitable donations to humanitarian organizations to help and support the people of Ukraine.

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