Omen of Sorrow is coming to PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

The Chilean fighting game arrives with an extended version.

Omen of Sorrow, a fighting game developed by AOne Games and Eastasiasoft Limited, will be released soon on PS5, Switch and PC. The story mode content has been changed and new endings have been added to the arcade mode with this expanded version, according to the developers.

Moreover, the game is already launched Xbox One and Xbox Series X releases will receive additional material as a free update. Additionally, crossplay will be added to the game, thanks to the title’s arrival on more platforms.

A four-button fighting game

Omen of Sorrow has become a cult hit among fighting game enthusiasts in Asia and around the world since its first release. The development team has put a lot of effort into improving the gaming experience.

The game’s 2.5D combat is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and it features a variety of intricate settings with handcrafted animations and dramatic endings, all matched to a beautiful soundtrack by composer Francisco Cerda.

Omen of Sorrow

This unique fighting game mixes monsters from horror, literature and mythology. Omen of Sorrow radiates elegance, inspired by countless arcade classics but with its own innovations and mature design.

Physical editions for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 were also revealed today. On February 24, gamers looking to take their passion to the next level can purchase one of 2,000 limited-edition Switch games or one of 1,000 PS5 games. available through playasia. Pre-orders are not open yet.

Watch the limited edition trailer below!

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