Nintendo eShop: the best games for Valentine’s Day

Other than romantic dinners! On Valentine’s Day, turn on the Nintendo Switch instead and offer a Joy-Con to your partner for a nice multiplayer session, perhaps in a romantic setting: success is guaranteed! Or maybe not? Obviously it depends on the predisposition, but there are still some products that can be particularly suitable for the lovers’ party, whether they are more or less nerd, and then we want to try to give an overview of the best Valentine’s Day games on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Between multiplayer experiences for two, sentimental atmospheres and love stories, the solutions are varied and those proposed below are only a tiny part of all the possible video games for Nintendo Switch playable for two, or having any connection with subjects. thematic, so the discussion is open on what can be the best. For some reason, here are ten games that could find a good application on Valentine’s Day…. unless much more romantic developments, of course.

Lovers in a dangerous space-time

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime places us precisely in the situation described by the title

With an explicit and particularly themed name, Lovers in a dangerous space-time it features exactly what the title says, which is to say the adventures of a couple struggling with driving a spaceship through environments filled with enemies, obstacles and threats. There’s very little time for romance stories, truth be told: the game is all about coordinated action in managing the different aspects of the ship between navigation, shields, weapons, etc., and it’s easy for you to find you. shouting orders to each other like gruff captains of ships rather than giving each other displays of affection. However, it is easy to glimpse in this strange structure a kind of allegory on the need to collaborate and act in a coordinated way to navigate among a thousand pitfalls: a bit like what happens in real life as a couple, on the other hand. .

Direct link to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on the Nintendo eShop

untangle two

Unravel Two presents poetic and romantic moments

Unravel Two presents poetic and romantic moments

Good ol’ co-op multiplayer is all it has to offer untangle two, which evolves and fleshes out the concept of the first chapter by inserting the action of the couple as a fundamental element of the new gameplay. The melancholy charm of the sets and the staging itself remains, with these woolly little beings grappling with so many dangers on their long journey, but with the introduction of coordinated action between two badges who must get away with it. go out by associating. The laid back tones and twilight moods of Unravel Two remain easily impressionable and help to create a dreamlike atmosphere that could really be the case for an essentially romantic evening, but some coordination in the movements and also the use of a little is still necessary. gray matter to move forward, so don’t underestimate the challenge.

Direct link to Unravel Two on the Nintendo eShop

Wild Hearts of Sayonara

Sayonara Wild Hearts isn't quite a couples experience but it's still very romantic

Sayonara Wild Hearts isn’t quite a couples experience but it’s still very romantic

And now, for something completely different but still related to love, we present to you Wild Hearts of Sayonara, a game that combines music, video representation and rhythm action in a way only great rhythm games can, but maybe even better, or certainly in a different way than what we’ve seen in the past. Here is a heartbroken young woman who doesn’t want to give up on love and is determined to fight for her feelings. She then embarks on a mind-blowing journey of flying through dream scenarios, riding motorcycles, and fighting swords against various gangs and enemies in a bizarre tarot-inspired story. All of this happens to the beat of the music, following the beautiful tracks of what is essentially a true interactive pop album, whose songs correspond to the different levels in a synesthetic mix of video, audio and game controls as rarely have summer. seen recently.

Direct link to Sayonara Wild Hearts on the Nintendo eShop


Moments of couple life in Florence

Moments of couple life in Florence

There are not many video games that talk about love in the most direct way possible, depicting the relationship between a girl and a boy, from the first exciting encounters to the blossoming of the deepest feeling, until ‘with consequences which are also different from those initially foreseen. Focusing exclusively on this is the distinctive element of Florence, in which love is treated with a particular grace: far from affected extremes, the love between Florence and Krish seems truly real and felt, in that it is represented also in a simple and seemingly light way, in everyday situations and common gestures. However, it cannot even be reduced to a mere superficial image, as Florence frames love in a deeper and broader vision, becoming a kind of lighthearted hymn to her life, her growth and her precious teachings.

Direct link to Florence on the Nintendo eShop


Yu and Kai battling Planet Source in Haven

Yu and Kai battling Planet Source in Haven

What could be more romantic than a couple who abandon everything, preferring to live isolated at the edge of space on an unknown planet, to choose love? That’s pretty much the premise of Haven, a very particular action adventure that alternates moments of action with others of more contemplative exploration and direct narration, telling the story of Yu and Kai, a couple who flee their home planet to avoid forced marriages and chooses to live on the Wild Spring so that they can be together, fighting for survival every day. Between elements of survival and cooperative action, Haven also stages a very interesting love story, which develops and consolidates between two boys with strong personalities to be discovered and shaped also through the player’s choices. After all, it is also a reflection on the freedom of choice and the strength of feelings, with which it is possible to challenge the status quo.

Direct link to Haven on the Nintendo eShop

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp XXL

Monster Prom 2 puts us in the difficult task of winning a partner

Monster Prom 2 puts us in the difficult task of winning a partner

The school dance isn’t really a fundamental part of the Italian student experience, but we’re so used to seeing it in American movies and TV series that we’ve now made it part of our popular culture, so a game focused on finding the right partner for that. event can be quite close to the heart. On the other hand what Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp XXL the staging is not quite a classic “prom night” film, since in this case it is about monsters: fascinating however, even sexy according to trends, but always characters really outside the traditional patterns and for this reason even more interesting. The question is simple: we have three weeks to choose and seduce our partner to go to prom as a couple in a really special kind of dating simulation, which can also be played in multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Direct link to Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp XXL on the Nintendo eShop

Boyfriend’s Dungeon

Another strictly single-player experience that seems fair to include in this list of games with a romantic profile: Boyfriend’s Dungeon, a title that indeed amazed everyone for the concept on which it is based. In fact, how about a game that allows us to live real love stories between the protagonist and his weapon? Finally, a relationship that may have remained latent and hidden for years in video game history, has always been a fundamental part of any action structure or RPG, is clearly expressed. However, we wouldn’t have expected an introspective development like the one emerging from this weird dungeon crawler with dating sim elements. After choosing the sex and characteristics of the protagonist, we find ourselves undertaking various quests in that of “Verona Beach”, a place halfway between glamor and fantasy, with the use of various weapons that trigger an ever greater feeling strong in their comparisons.

Direct link to Boyfriend Dungeon on the Nintendo eShop


Collaboration is key at SnipperClips

Collaboration is key at SnipperClips

Returning to the purest and most essential multiplayer, as can be the one in pairs, we could not resist including SnipperClips in this selection. The idea is seemingly simple but it leaves room for situations that can become complex, thanks to the creativity with which the levels can be tackled: in SnipperClips two tabs are controlled that can intersect, overlap and change shape accordingly. Collaborating with each other, these two strange creatures must try to achieve various objectives, taking advantage of the possibility of changing profiles and interacting with each other and with the elements of the scenario. Here too, harmony is a basic element, but beyond the pleasure derived from the game, the dialogues that can emerge during the gameplay, giving each other instructions, can be real masterpieces.

Direct link to SnipperClips: Let’s Cut It Out on the Nintendo eShop

Just dance 2022

Couple dancing and psychedelia are the founding elements of Just Dance 2022

Couple dancing and psychedelia are the founding elements of Just Dance 2022

If you feel in the mood to dance, Just dance 2022 it’s obviously the best choice for Valentine’s Day, as long as you’re not afraid to jeopardize your dignity. Among the 40 songs in the catalog we really find a bit of everything, although obviously dancing dominates, so don’t expect medium-sized party glasses because here there is a lot of hassle and sweat. However, it’s hard not to be in a good mood while playing Just Dance 2022, and partner dancing is an absolute must for the series, as well as a virtually universal pastime. So if the evening is more about carefree fun and body language than thinking about maximum systems, the choice is clear: insert the Ubisoft rhythm game cartridge (in case one of the thousand previous editions is suitable too) and kick off the dances.

Direct link to Just Dance 2022 on the Nintendo eShop

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