Earlier this month, developer Re-Logic rolled out the long-awaited “Journey’s End” update for terrariums. It added new ways to play the game, over 1000 new items to find and craft, new bosses to challenge, and more.

If that wasn’t already enough, the developer has now updated the game (again) – and it includes some Switch-specific fixes. Below is the full recap via the game’s official website:

The latest patch for Terraria on Nintendo Switch has been live since this morning. This one is a combination of the global console fixes originally rolling out to PS and Xbox in December, plus a few additional Switch-specific issues that have been resolved:


  • Move the sun! You can now control the sun and moon on the front menu by holding ZR + right stick. To try!


  • Based on player feedback, we’ve fixed hotbar navigation when a dynamic hotbar item is bound to a hotbar slot, making it easier to navigate through the hotbar

Multiplayer and split screen

  • Fixed dummies losing items when placed by the host and not being able to be seen by other players
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where an item would be lost if held while a chest was closed
  • Fixed 2+ player in splitscreen being immune to projectiles
  • Fixed issues where open menus interfered with participation in multiplayer games
  • Fixed the issue that prevented users from navigating to the Options menu in multiplayer if their network connection was lost when a menu was open
  • Fixed item pickup delay when host throws an item to another player
  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Fixed crash when the painter’s house is in a sacred snow graveyard biome and tries to open his shop
  • Please let us know if you experience a crash by reporting it in the forums and including as many details as possible!

And many other fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the player could not quickly equip an item from a chest, as long as there was no conflicting link for Use Linked Item in Settings
  • Fixed controller binding for search! You can now open the Research menu directly from an inventory item. You can find it in Settings >> Controller >> Controller Bindings: Edit >> Inventory and Binding Research object!
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from continuing to play if they died while a text input box was open
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when using a crafting station, items could spawn at the location of a locked enemy
  • Fixed the item pickup range in Journey Mode to match PC. It is now possible to throw inventory items without immediately picking them up!
  • Fixed a bug where the frame rate drops when the housing menu is open and you have a lot of NPCs
  • Fixed the issue where the summon beacon on enemies could disappear if you moved too far away from the enemy, making it difficult to know who your summons were targeting
  • Fixed the issue where the biome artwork behind the map was not scaled correctly depending on the zoom level of the UI and especially in split screen
  • Fixed a graphical issue in tutorial dialogs

Have you already downloaded this update? Have you tried the Journey’s End update yet? Leave a comment below.

[source forums.terraria.org, via nintendoeverything.com]