Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection is now available on Switch

Inin Games and BBG Entertainment have announced that the boxed edition of Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection for Nintendo Switch is now available in North America.

rock dash is a forgotten classic. It was a groundbreaking interactive game when it was originally released in 1984, at the start of the era of computer and home video games. In fact, it’s also revolutionary in the literal sense since it’s a ‘dig and gather’ action-puzzle game that helped establish its own genre. Rockford must be guided through tunnels while gathering gems in order to reach the exit within a limited amount of time while avoiding various kinds of deadly beasts and dangerous obstacles.

For nearly four decades, rock dash and its countless successors have thrilled and challenged casual and serious gamers of all ages. The franchise has been ported to NES, Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and even Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox after its first release.

A complete collection

Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection includes two games: Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary and Boulder Dash Deluxe, each with nearly 400 new levels. As Rockford, the game’s main character, you will travel through a variety of other realms. Each planet has 20 stages, each with its own set of opponents, graphics and animations. Dig through the sand to traverse caves and manipulate the environment to your advantage.

Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection

This surprising return of one of the oldest brands in video games is now available for the Nintendo Switch in select North American stores. European players who want to get their hands on this fantastic collection will be able to do so from February 18th.

Watch the game’s trailer below!

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