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Nintendo Switch Online has, of course, become a bit more complicated than it should be. Adding the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass, two-tier pricing, and which games are available when are often a challenge. Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple, which is the case with the limited availability of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can check Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter for next week, free of charge.


An official announcement was made on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account on Wednesday, confirming that a free week of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter was coming up for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Availability begins Thursday, Jan.13 at 10:00 a.m. PT. It will run for a full week and end on Thursday, January 20 at 11:59 p.m. PT. This is not a demo and there is no time limit in the game. This is the full version of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter available for all levels of Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to play.

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In addition, for those who try Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter and decide that it is worth acquiring to play beyond the one week limit, Nintendo holds a sale. Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter will be discounted on the Nintendo Switch eShop by January 16. Retail price for Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is currently $ 39.99, but for the next few days it will be reduced by 30% to the price of $ 27.99.

It’s a little strange that Nintendo doesn’t offer the discount for the entirety of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunteris a free week, but Nintendo isn’t known to drop pennies on the ground. That way he can get the full retail price of those who might not finish Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter in the allocated week, as well as the anticipated purchases of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter players who could finish the game within the week but want to be safe.

Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is a unique puzzle game originally released for the Wii U. It is a 3D puzzle game in which players guide Captain Toad through worlds full of obstacles and enemies. Some may be familiar with the idea, as they are similar to the Adventures of Captain Toad levels hidden throughout World of Super Mario 3D. Additionally, new levels and a unique ending have been added only for the Nintendo Switch.

Many free Super Nintendo games are available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online membership, along with the included online multiplayer access. But it’s rare that a full Nintendo Switch game is offered, especially when Nintendo also offers the recently released Expansion Pass membership. All the same, Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter makes a nice temporary gift and deserves to be appreciated for what it is.

Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is available now on Switch.

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