Nintendo Switch eShop New Years Sale highlights through early 2022


Attention Funky Kong, this goose has a knife!

New year, same sales of games regularly scheduled on the usual digital storefronts. To launch 2022, the Nintendo Switch eShop is organize a new year sale until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on January 16 – this is your chance to grab Shin Megami Tensei V (for $ 41.99 instead of $ 59.99) and Untitled Goose Game (for $ 9.99, aka half price), among others. What an evil couple! I had suspicions about the harassing nature of this goose in the vicinity.

While I have some other New Years Eve selling recommendations to quickly pull up to share below, I want to shine a light on these two games in particular. CMS V is a play beast aimed at the folks at the “longtime observer, newbie” camp, thanks in part to its timing, platform (the old Switch boost), and careful exploration / platforming. It’s good to have a great boy’s RPG – except when it isn’t and your mind is crushed. But I believe in you!

As for Untitled Goose Game, even though I feel like the over-the-top hype trumps the reality, as it often does, it’s still a swell game – and few have experienced the joy of cooperative hijinks from the goose. An afterthought update has added a two player split screen co-op mode to this unique sim puzzle game, and it’s fun to intimidate the kid as a team.

Other games to discover as long as they are inexpensive

I’ve tried to prioritize games that are at newly low prices with this list, so depending on your taste and tolerance for digital game prices, you might want to expand the list of offerings. As always, apart from the Nintendo eShop sales page, the so good-as-could-be-official Mojo Offers is another fantastic resource for checking prices.

Do not sleep Hunt downBy the way, these are your favorite ’80s action flicks in the form of a super-fast shooter. (It’s a boost for you as well as for me.)

Something else slipping through the cracks? Let us know what looks good.

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