Nintendo eShop game may violate policy

In December, an independent developer released the Nintendo eShop game Dungeon Snacks. However, the release is a Steam early access game, and its description on the Nintendo eShop might seem misleading.

Currently, there is no policy regarding the release of games in an unfinished state, commonly referred to as a early release. Although, despite this gray area in the policy, many games released in such a state identify themselves under this development classification.

Disappointment or miscalculation in Nintendo eShop?

Due to Nintendo’s policies and programs, assuming it has completed its development cycle before launching on the eShop, players will expect a finished game. Yet, as one player pointed out at the end and in the credit, they reach a new area with a gate. Upon entering the doorway, the player is congratulated and prompted to start a new game+.

According to user Rhaknar, the ending left a gnawing feeling that they decided to do further research. Upon checking out the game’s product page on Steam, I also saw that it was in Early Access with more content on the way. Still, no mention of it in the Nintendo eShop.

Usually there is nothing abnormal about this game release state that could violate the policy; many are pleasant at these stages. However, the description may seem misleading, not mentioning anything regarding future content or early access in the Nintendo eShop description.

What future for gamers and developers in the eShop?

Even with the policy’s gray areas, Nintendo banned releases that might violate the policies. With this unprecedented situation, what will be the response, if any. In the past, Nintendo has cracked down on developers when it comes to the eShop.

As before, the situation could be a loophole in the eShop system, the same as the discount loophole in 2020. Of course, Nintendo will have no problem fixing it soon, but will this Nintendo eShop game be the only one? to deal with this situation. Or will this become a permanent problem in the future?

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