Nintendo eShop Sees Big Trouble On Christmas Morning Under New Switch Pressure

Across the country, people everywhere are unboxing their new Nintendo handhelds, starting their accounts, and trying to buy new digital games. But in the last few hours by social networks, the Nintendo Switch storefront known as the eShop has been up and down. Sometimes it loads, albeit slowly. Other times you can’t access the weirdly offbeat orange menus to redeem Mario Kart 8 for the third time, alas.

Under error code 2811-7429, the message that comes back to you after a difficulty loading simply states that the console is unable to connect to the server and indicates that you should try again later. Kotaku has contacted Nintendo for more information on when users can expect the service to return. the says the official website of the online server, “We are currently experiencing difficulties with our network services.”

For the most part, it shouldn’t be too much disruptive when it comes to enjoying the console. You can still start any games you already own, you just can’t buy new items or download DLCs etc. Admittedly, you can’t redeem gift cards either, which is probably a bummer for anyone who received them as a gift this morning. That’s probably a ton of people, huh? Lots of people loading and reloading surely hoping something has changed this time around… oh, it will probably be a while.

But for people who’ve had the foreknowledge to gift or buy physical games, if not download stuff before packing it up – well, that’s probably fine. Everyone: Honestly, things like this happen almost every year, for at least one of the major consoles or games. I know it’s boring now and probably will be for part of the day. The servers are definitely hammered. I guess you’re going to spend time with your family or what?

Or, if you want a good read: our suggestion for the best games the Nintendo Switch has to offer, and the the cream of the crop sales console has going right now. You know, for when the shop comes back.

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