Nintendo’s eShop experienced outages over Christmas (again)

If you’ve had problems over the past few days accessing the Nintendo eShop, creating Nintendo Accounts, using certain subscription services, or downloading or playing games online, you weren’t alone. Before the holiday season, Nintendo (sort of) warned everyone that it might run into trouble, and sure enough, the company’s servers caved in under the volume of people trying to access its services by line when Christmas day arrived.

Nintendo sent the following message at the time – thanking customers for their understanding, and although the issues were eventually resolved, the error messages left many people frustrated and unable to buy games online and enjoy of their new device.

The eShop outages weren’t limited to the Nintendo Switch either. They also impacted the 3DS and Wii U services. Many Nintendo fans on social media called it “Christmas traditions“, and to be fair, it’s not the first time something like this has happened during the holiday season.

This follows Switch Online issues earlier this month – related to Amazon Web Service outages. How have Nintendo’s online services been for you over the past few days? Leave a comment below.

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