Best Nintendo Switch puzzle platforms

The Switch has a lot of platform games and puzzle games, and that extends to puzzle platforms. If you raise your eyebrows and say to yourself “what are you talking about, you can’t just combine them like they are ice cream flavors” then stick with us. It’s one thing, I promise.

Rather than games that focus only on running and jumping with precision, or just using your noggin to come up with clever solutions, these games combine the two for a rather charming effect. Often times you will take breaks to chart a course, combining skill and intelligence. Puzzle platforms often also have a solid approach to storytelling, which makes for a relatively impactful experience when at its best.

Below is our selection of puzzle platform games currently available on Switch. This selection is presented in no particular order and will continue to grow and evolve over time. We will also continue to check for suggestions from readers in the comments and our team, as quality games in this genre emerge on a regular basis.

BOXBOY!  + BOXGIRL!  (Change online store)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: HAL laboratory

Release date: April 26, 2019 (United States) / April 26, 2019 (UK / EU)

Bigger and more complete than ever, BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! marks a climax in this series of unusual platform puzzles. It’s not perfect – the clean aesthetic and lethargic physique won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – but co-op puzzle fans, in particular, should investigate the pronto. The “Tale for Two” campaign allows a second player to take control of Qucy and you must work together to create chains of boxes and navigate each 2D level to the exit. It remains a distinctive and deceptively aligned puzzle with the trilogy on 3DS, but the fact that you can now bring a partner for fun makes it the best BOXBOY to date.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: July 13, 2018 (United States) / July 13, 2018 (UK / EU)

A nice little game, Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is a winner whether you are looking for a confusing platform or jumping without a button. With beautiful visuals and a catchy soundtrack, it’s a real gem; a wonderful and beautiful 3D platformer puzzle suitable for all ages, and one that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. The two-player co-op added by Nintendo makes this deal even tastier with Toadette joining the Captain, and there’s even a nice little DLC nugget for once you’ve completed the main game.

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Toki Tori 2+ (Switch eShop)Toki Tori 2+ (Switch eShop)

Editor: Two tribes / Developer: Two tribes

Release date: February 23, 2018 (United States) / February 23, 2018 (UK / EU)

Another puzzle platform game with no real jump, corn you solve environmental puzzles to progress. Toki Tori 2+ is a game that has undergone an overhaul after its original Wii U release (hence the “+”) to help gamers make sense of its surprisingly large world, it’s a charming take on the puzzle style of the IP. Of course the original Toki Tori is also on Switch eShop, if you prefer more conventional single-screen challenges.

Inside (Switch eShop)Inside (Switch eShop)

Editor: Play dead / Developer: Play dead

Release date: June 28, 2018 (United States) / June 28, 2018 (UK / EU)

Inside is the spiritual successor of Limbo and it builds on its predecessor in every way imaginable. A grimly beautiful platforming puzzle that while brief is packed with jaw-dropping highlights, its dark tone won’t suit everyone, but it was executed brilliantly, with softly based puzzles. on physics woven into a haunting wordless tale. It’s a game very similar to its predecessor in many ways, with side-scrolling elements, a gorgeous and moody art style, and a vulnerable protagonist at the heart of it. Everything is just bigger, better and more touching.

GRAY (Switch eShop)GRAY (Switch eShop)

Editor: Digital developer / Developer: Nomada Studio

Release date: December 13, 2018 (United States) / December 13, 2018 (UK / EU)

We are very careful when using this word, but Grey is a masterpiece. Its breathtaking visual style and heart-wrenching score combine to create one of the most moving interactive works of art you’ve ever performed. It might be too short for some, its puzzles can be straightforward, and the lack of a real challenge might not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s a game more about fragility than fragility. capacity and as long as you are willing to do so. accompany him, he is the one who will accompany you for a very long time indeed.

VVVVVV (Change of online store)VVVVVV (Change of online store)

Editor: Nicalis / Developer: Terry cavanagh

Release date: November 17, 2017 (United States) / November 17, 2017 (UK / EU)

Another game where you technically don’t jump, but reversing gravity basically does the same. VVVVVV still feels as fresh on the Switch as it did on the 3DS in 2010; if you haven’t tried it, you should definitely take it back now. If you have, it may still be a good time to come back to it. Multiplayer makes the Switch version even more interesting, and it’s a game that’s always an intense and enjoyable challenge.

Evergate (Switch eShop)Evergate (Switch eShop)

Editor: PQube / Developer: Stone lantern games

Release date: August 18, 2020 (United States) / August 18, 2020 (UK / EU)

Evergate is a wonderfully crafted puzzle / platform that starts off strong and grows stronger over the course of its campaign. Each new world you encounter here adds a new twist to the proceedings, becoming progressively more complex as it layers the mechanics on top of each other, allowing you to experiment and find your own unique ways to navigate its intricate levels. . The sprint here, for us, feels like it’s been stuck for no real reason, but, aside from that little misstep, it’s really a must-have purchase for puzzle / platform fans and a standout example of its kind on Switch.

Horace (Switch eShop)Horace (Switch eShop)

Editor: 505 games / Developer: Paul Helman

Release date: October 21, 2020 (United States) / October 21, 2020 (UK / EU)

Horace is something very special – mixing intensely difficult stages with moving storytelling. If you are interested in great level design, head-catching and delicate mixes of tight platforms and puzzle solving, great storytelling, great art, evocative music, great characters, situations hilarious and emotional punches, Horace is a no-brainer. It’s touching without being manipulative, smart without being smug, and nostalgic without being a lazy resuscitation. It’s also wickedly difficult, if you’re up for a challenge.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Switch)Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Switch)

Editor: Fashion games / Developer: frozen byte

Release date: October 8, 2019 (United States) / October 8, 2019 (UK / EU)

The entire series is available on Switch, so this entry ultimately represents them all. With the exception of the third version, these are all fundamentally 2D puzzle platformer games, with in-game combat, as you embark on fantastic adventures with our three heroes. Some pieces (especially in the first two games) can take a while to solve, and mastering each character’s abilities is an integral part of progression.

A boy and his blob (Switch eShop)A boy and his blob (Switch eShop)

Editor: Ziggurat / Developer: WayForward Technologies

Release date: November 4, 2021 (United States) / November 4, 2021 (UK / EU)

It’s a game that has had an extraordinarily long lifespan, even taking into account only this updated and eventual HD version. A boy and his blob Was once a bit of a genre creator, that status is long gone, but it’s still a very pleasant confusing / platforming experience, where you have to make the most of the different abilities of the Blob to progress. It’s pretty nice in its Switch iteration, too.

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