Game Developer -No Gravity Games is giving away a free Nintendo Switch game! The holiday gift is coming!

Get a free copy of ‘pirate: All aboard!’ just to sign up for the newsletter.

One thing every gamer should admit is that you can’t get any better than free games. Polish indie publisher No Gravity Games is giving away a free Nintendo Switch game just for signing up to their newsletter!*

This is also an introduction to the Holiday Giveaway event to be held in December, where you can grab up to 18 (!) Games for free! *

*This offer is only available to accounts in the Americas region.

We all love gifts. Especially if they are small, simple games that can be played at any time. Games without gravity comes to you with a simple agreement. In exchange for signing up to their newsletter (link below), you’ll receive a code that you can redeem on your Nintendo Switch to permanently assign the game to your account.

The game in question is pirate: All aboard! And, as the title suggests, it’s a pirate game. Specifically, it’s a competitive pirate-themed fighting game for one or more players that will hopefully give you just enough joy to hold you over until the December festivities… which will bring their own surprises. More information below!


Christmas seems to be coming early this year for those of you who own our games!

This December, No Gravity Games is giving away 18 titles FREE to keep you entertained this winter, so get cozy, get your Switch ready, and reserve a cozy spot on your couch.

How do you qualify?

There is only one key element you need to qualify for this deal. Anyone who currently holds a title of Games without gravity can start grabbing free titles as they become available. Then yes! – if you have subscribed to the newsletter and have pirate: All aboard! in your library, you can start getting free games as soon as the event starts!

However, you will need to be careful. If you forget to use one of the free titles, you will not be eligible for the rest. Upcoming titles from the event lineup will be available for free to users who have added the previous ones to their account!

This giveaway will take place across America. Each title in the giveaway will also be heavily discounted. Don’t forget that if you missed a day, you can always purchase the most recent game to continue your streak of free titles.

Here are the games revealed for the first week of the event:

Holiday giveaway event landing page!

On Games without gravity:

Games without gravity is an independent boutique publisher specializing in console publishing and creating value for games.

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