5 must-have games from the latest Nintendo Switch eShop sale


Nintendo is back with another great deal and more discounts for Switch owners. Nintendo is having a big online sale on the eShop this weekend. So let’s see what’s on sale.


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Here are 5 must-have games that will be featured in the Nintendo Switch eShop sale this weekend.

Top 5 Nintendo games on sale


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Xcom 2

The first is that this listing has to be Xcom 2. It’s the cheapest it’s ever been and totally worth it. It is a popular strategy game developed by Fire Axis Games. If you’ve never played this series before, now is the best time to start, as it also includes 4 DLC packs. Basically in this game you have to fend off an alien invasion by creating your own team to defend your home, planet earth.

You can rename all teammates, change gears, and there are exciting ways in the game through which you can acquire all the high-end tech from alien invaders. So plan everything very carefully to fight against these aliens. The game is on sale until November 17, 2021, so hurry up and grab the game for an incredible price.

Quest hunter

Next on this list, we have the Family Hunter. The game is around 25 hours long and looks pretty decent, to be honest. It’s a fun little game where players can switch between unique skills and powers. Be part of an interesting story, solve several funny puzzles and discover mind-boggling secrets. This game is also on sale, but only until December 4, 2021.

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Green hell

Then we have Green Hell. A brutally difficult survival game. Imagine yourself alone in a tropical forest, without any tools. Yes, that’s basically this game. You have to spend a little more time learning the mechanics of the game, but the feeling of completing this particular game is quite rewarding, according to those who have spent hours in it.

Sure, it’s great to be on your own in this dense rainforest, but it’s always worth it. It is on sale until December 1, 2021.

Railway Empire on Nintendo Switch

Another brilliant strategy game on this list, Railway Empire is set in the 1830s, when the railway lines were just coming into use. Basically you have to build your own massive rail empire as you play through the countryside and some research.

What is really interesting here is that you are not alone here, you also have to face other powerful rivals who are trying to build their empire. So there will be fighting, wars, and a lot of planning and conspiracies. The game is on sale until November 28, 2021, so hurry up.


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West of disgust

Then on this list we have West of Hate, an absolutely amazing game. It’s a turn-based RPG with a really unique art style. It’s a really fun game with a lot of humor for adults. So if you really like fun and humorous games then this is just perfect for you.


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Have you played any of the games mentioned above Nintendo games yet? Also, what will be your choice from the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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