Nintendo removes racy “Mario Party” details for Switch game “Superstars”



Mario Party Superstars released on Nintendo Switch last month. It offers 100 mini-games different from the previous ones Mario party games, including Bobsled Run. First shown in Mario Party 2, players would jump in a penguin-shaped sled to race. Players noticed that the penguin sled had a rear end that contained an “X” on it, which represents the end of the digestive system. And although it passed American censorship in 2000, Mario Party Superstars did not because The penguin sled has a whole new look.

Players might be disappointed with the sled. But the game as a whole is a must buy for Switch users. says the game is “focused on the first era of the series, so Nintendo 64 enthusiasts will find Mario Party Superstars heartwarming. “This is the twelfth part of the Mario party series and the second for Nintendo Switch, after Super mario party which was released in 2018.

Mario Party is very popular among Nintendo fans. Christina Aguilera is Nintendo’s new ambassador and Recount She that Mario Party is one of his favorite games. “I mean, as a family, what’s not to love Mario Kart, and now they have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which we just tried out during the campaign, and we had a blast,” Aguilera said.

“My favorite character is Pink Gold Peach, and I love putting her on a motorcycle. My daughter loves Rosalina. But the old fashioned way, my sister and I have always loved Wario and Waluigi’s silliness. So even to this day , when we do a Mario Partyy or something, we’re doing a couple challenge at Mario Party. ”Aguilera also spoke about her history with Nintendo.

“I was playing Nintendo NES [the company’s first gaming system in North America, which came out in 1985], and I think it was the first one where you had your Marios, your Donkey Kongs, ”she said. “So I go back a long way, and honestly to this day you can still find gaming systems. I literally have arcade games in my house too, which is why I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan.” Nintendo Switch was released worldwide in 2017 and has sold nearly 93 million units.It is a hybrid console because gamers can have it docked for home or use a portable device.


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