Metroid Dread Demo Drops on Nintendo eShop


Terror of the metroids is outside! Now with a demo.

That’s right. Nintendo has announced the release of a critically acclaimed Metroidvania demo released earlier this month. Available now on Nintendo eShop, players can try Samus Aran’s journey to destroy the X parasites found on planet ZDR and escape.

Metroid Dread is an instant classic, one of the Switch’s finest

The timing is a bit odd for this announcement, as usually demos are released before a game so as to give fans a little taste of what they will be able to buy soon after. However, they could also play in the game’s spooky theme with Halloween just around the corner. It could also be a way to attract a few more people to the game after positive reviews of the game circulated on the internet over the past month.

Independently, Terror of the metroids is still one of the best Nintendo Switch games released this year. It’s a finely tuned game that elevates the metroidvania genre it helped spawn.

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Metroid Dread Demo Drops on Nintendo eShop

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