‘Metroid Dread’ Could Be The Best Nintendo Switch Game Of 2021


Terror Metroid might be the most popular title for Nintendo Switch, but we’re also checking Back 4 Blood and Lost to chance on PS5.

We then wrap our heads (and eyes) around TCL’s NXTWEAR G smart glasses, which seek to bring the cinema experience to your home.

Let’s start …

Metroid Dread (Switch)

While Metroid may be one of Nintendo’s more specialized franchises, Metroid Dread is finally giving villainous bounty hunter Samus Aran the chance to make a splash on the Switch and the result is truly something special. Billed as the conclusion of the Metroid epic, Dread sees Samus descend to the planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious transmission. Naturally, bad things ensue, stripping her of her equipment and abilities.

It’s a formula many fans have seen before, but the journey that follows is so enjoyable it’s hard to care. It’s 2D action at its best, with plenty of collectibles to find, enemies to discover, and places to explore. Plus, the introduction of EMMI – a new robotic foe that must be avoided at all costs – does well to turn up the tension in some game rooms. Every sprint for safety put us on the edge of our seat, and luckily, even when you fill it up, the last save point is never too far away.

It should be noted that there has been quite a bit of discussion about whether or not Terror Metroid maybe too difficult, but honestly we enjoyed the challenge the game presented and enjoyed immense joy every time we managed to defeat one of its many bosses. Just be aware that some of the patterns will take a number of tries before you properly learn the pattern.

Terror Metroid Well worth a place in any Switch owner’s library, especially if you’ve splashed out on Nintendo Switch‘s new OLED model. The updated screen helps the game pop even more than it does otherwise. Where is now Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo?

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Also outside …

Back 4 Blood (PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, XBO, PC)

Let’s call a spade a spade here. Back 4 Blood is as close as we’re going to get to a Left 4 Dead 3 and we’re okay with that. After all, this co-op zombie shooter is the brain child of the team behind the classic series, much of that witty sequel feels the same.

Most of the levels will have you running between objectives as you try to hack, slash, and fight your way through a varying number of undead. If you go out on your own it might seem like a bit of a repetitive job, but with a group of friends it’s a real bloody riot.

We even enjoyed playing with the in-game card system, which lets you create decks that specify your character based on a specific playstyle.

Back 4 Blood isn’t perfect – the difficulty can be extremely uneven in places and you’ll always have the occasional glitch – but they’re never frequent enough to derail the fun. We would also like a few more “continues” here and there, but rest assured you won’t go wrong if you decide to go for this one.

Lost at random (PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, XBO, Switch, PC)

While on the one hand EA is known for pumping out its annualized sports money generators, they are also building a reputation for posting smaller, quirky adventures.

Lost in Random is the latest of these efforts and it’s a fun and original adventure. It all takes place in the realm of Random where a roll of the dice determines which realm a child should be sent to. Without spoiling the charm too much, you follow the fate of a young girl who sets out on a journey to find her sister after being separated for a year.

What follows is a gripping story supported by unique real-time combat that engages both card-based and dice-based strategy elements. Honestly, this is an incredibly difficult game to explain, so let’s just say this: if you’re looking for a nice action adventure that’s very polished and bursting with creativity, we can’t recommend Lost in Random highly enough.

Alan Wake Remastered (PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, XBO, PC)

When it comes to cult classic video games, you’re not much bigger than Alan Wake. The terrifying tale of a writer lost in his stories as his wife went missing gathered a legion of dedicated fans when it first launched in 2010.

This well-regarded remaster does well to enhance the Twin Peaks-inspired adventure, and is also the first opportunity for PlayStation gamers to experience it. The visuals received a respectable upgrade to 4K while the soundtrack remains just as atmospheric as ever. Using your flashlight to debuff enemies before you can attack them also stays tense enough, though it can get a bit repetitive by today’s standards.

Ultimately, this is a remaster worth seeing, especially with the rumor mill suggesting that we’ll finally get a proper sequel soon enough.

Convenient with TCL NXTWEAR G smart glasses

If you are desperate to consume content in bed, your choices are quite limited. Most people try to hold their phone or tablet in the air, but it only takes an unexpected nap to see this setup literally crumble. Trust us, our heads only hurt more.

Cue TCL comes into the picture with its new NXTWEAR G smart glasses. The device (which looks like a larger pair of sunglasses) has two high-definition 1080p Sony FHD Micro OLED panels in each eye to deliver high-definition ratio. 16: 9 aspect that emulates a 140 inch screen. Essentially, the NXTWEAR G wants to bring the cinema experience to your home. And for the most part, it works.

While it takes a bit of getting used to, you really start to get a feel for the scale, and having speakers located in the arms helps simulate stereo sound. We were also impressed with both the picture quality and the fact that since the glasses are powered by your phone, they never need to be charged.

Are they as good as going to a real movie theater? Of course not, but it’s a fascinating first step that we really welcome.

Our biggest gripe is that, at least for us, they weren’t particularly comfortable to use. The arms were quite tight and pressed to the sides of our head, while the bridge of the nose never rested quite correctly, which meant that we were constantly moving, which constantly shifted the image.

We also have to point out that the NXTWEAR G smart glasses come with a recommended retail price of $ 899, which means they definitely won’t be right for everyone. However, if you’re really desperate to boost your home theater gaming or are a big fan of new tech, these are well worth a look.

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