Murder House is the latest Nintendo Switch game to draw icon complaints


I can’t imagine why!

Recently released console versions of Murder House have a distinctly spooky icon featuring a costumed bunny killer, the Easter Ripper, and nothing else. Design is, in a nutshell, striking. The weird icon pops – up or down, depending on who you ask – when lined up with other, possibly more “prettier” icons on a home screen.

Game creator Puppet Combo was asked by a fan on Twitter about a potential ‘fix’ for the game’s ‘horrible’ icon (via Kotaku) – the answer is outright “no”.

I’m not sure where we are all on the ‘Nintendo Switch game icon’ debate, in which some gamers a lot I’d rather have an icon that balances the in-game artwork with its logo, but as someone who isn’t too bothered by the aesthetics of my Switch home screen, I found this exchange quite entertaining. It’s even funnier the further you go.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I love this spooky logo, but I love what it is to go for and I wouldn’t want that to change. It matches the “VHS slasher” vibe of the game.

Earlier this week, Puppet Combo demand which game – Electric drill massacre, Massacre of Nuns, Blood wash, Where The Ripper of the Night – “should fall on consoles then.”

The more the merrier, really. I want to be able to decorate my homescreen with nothing but lo-fi horror game freakshows. There might be diminishing returns for console ports (I think Murder House was a good first version to test), but at the same time, this niche is underserved on consoles. It would be so good to accumulate a whole library of it.

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