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The news that the N64 games are coming to Switch Online has a lot of very excited Nintendo fans, although not everyone agrees with the selection of games that Nintendo has chosen to include. These games will be available as part of an “expansion pack” for Switch Online and will include classics like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Great Mario 64. Although there are plans to expand the N64 library, one of the first games listed did not immediately evoke universal nostalgia as much as the others, and this game is WinBack: covert operations.

However, WinBack: covert operations is a considered inclusion on Nintendo’s part. Although not everyone is so familiar with this game, it was an important entry in the history of the game that influenced future more well-known games. Many of the basic elements of third-person shooters, such as the use of a cover and a laser sight, were used by To win back; Considering that this game was released in 1999, it was an ambitious game that uncovered much of the formula for creating a great third-person shooter, even though it was too early to execute those elements effectively.

Development and plot

Operation Winback N64

WinBack: covert operations was developed by Koei’s Omega Force with the aim of moving away from the more typical strategy games of the company. Although the reception given to the game has been quite mixed, especially for the PS2 version, it is now recognized as an important and significant step in the evolution of third-person shooter games. Technically, things like the sticky blanket existed in previous games like Crisis of time, but he introduced the mechanics to third-person shooters. To win back was inspired by the first Solid metal gear, and the sticky blanket later became a staple of Metal Gear Solid 2. In retrospect, it is clear that many of the elements of To win back were the next logical step for shooters, but To win back was the game to make this obvious.

The game follows Jean-Luc Cougar, a secret agent infiltrating a military base overrun by terrorists. The game then has two endings, depending on how long it takes the player to complete it. The stealth mechanics should seem somewhat familiar to any stealth fan, with Jean-Luc hiding in vents and behind a blanket. Multiple endings are also an ambitious move to include and give the game a better sense of depth. However, it is important to see this game for what it is, and not to expect to play a prototype of Weapons of war.

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Secret operations of reconquest

While WinBack: covert operations is an important evolutionary step in third person shooter games, it might not be how to play it today. It is essential with this game to keep in mind its temporal context, because many mechanics To win back used were then refined and polished by other games. As such, the controls will feel a bit clunky to modern gamers, although the in-game laser sight helps a lot. The PS2 version brought some improvements to the controls, but the dubbing of this version put a lot of gamers off.

The joy of a game like WinBack: covert operations is that it captures a very special moment in the game. While this game may not remain the best shooter of all time, it perfectly reflects how far the game has come and how technological changes can be tracked through games. video. Of course, while not everyone is familiar with the game, there are undoubtedly some who fondly remember it and now have the chance to replay it. Nintendo chose this game intentionally, and as with all things, it’s important to remember the history of what came before.

WinBack: covert operations is available on Nintendo 64 and PS2.

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