Netflix’s Castlevania anime may be over, but this Nintendo Switch game collection has just started



The Castlevania Advance collection has arrived, Nintendo revealed amid a Nintendo Direct surprise on September 23. The collection brings together four classic Castlevania games from the SNES and Game Boy Advance era in one affordable package.

For just $ 19.99 / £ 15.99 you can get all four titles on Nintendo Switch, PC or PlayStation and Xbox consoles – with GBA Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow games alongside Dracula. X from SNES.

The Nintendo Direct event also heralded the arrival of N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online – as we have long suspected.

But this quartet of Castlevania games will be the main event for all those who have loved the Castlevania Netflix series and are intrigued by the prospect of deepening the tradition of the franchise.

Analysis: explore the castle

Castlevania has always been a video game franchise first and foremost – so much so that the growls of a Netflix animated show a few years ago seemed a bit offbeat. How do you adapt a series of games so much about non-linear exploration and platforming – so much so that it gave its name to the creation of the Metroidvania genre – without losing the essence of what it is?

The answer, of course, is for the show to do its own thing, and we got a mind-boggling portrayal of heartbreak, family strife, and demonic violence befitting the name of Castlevania – a spectacle that looked gruesome, gothic, and befitting in style. times .

The Castlevania TV series, however, was largely inspired by 1989’s Dracula’s Curse – with some influences from Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness – and occupies a different canonical universe from games, similar to the difference between the MCU and specific series. of superheroes. comics.

The Castlevania Advance Collection tours entirely different titles in franchise history, hosting the GBA games we saw released in 2001-2003 – as well as 1995’s Dracula X, an SNES remake of 1993’s Rondo of Blood.

We don’t really see any new Castlevania games coming out these days – the last official entry on consoles was 2014’s Lords of Shadow 2, seven years ago, with the most recent Grimoire of Souls (2019) landing only on iOS and Apple Arcade.

And with the end of Castlevania season 4 – and who knows how long to wait until the spinoff series actually lands on Netflix – the Advance Collection is the perfect thing to get your teeth into the moment, especially given the recurring characters common to the collection and the Netflix adaptation of the franchise. (Warning: some spoilers for the Castlevania TV show follow.)

Both Circle of the Moon and Aria of Sorrow were highly acclaimed upon release – the former seeing recurring evil vampire Carmilla (memorably portrayed in the Netflix series) on her mission to resurrect Dracula. This latest game also includes Death himself, as Dracula’s servant, and who turns out to be the final villain of Season 4 of Castlevania.

For anyone who wants to see the original and past incarnations of the show’s incredible cast – and how the show’s action mimics the games’ boss fights – the Castlevania Advance Collection is definitely your best bet.


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