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Anyone who grew up crammed around an “NBA Jam” arcade machine knows the fun of playing sports video games against your friends. Today’s ones involve realistic graphics and player attributes, along with motion controls that take full advantage of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. Whether you’re playing on a classic Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, alone or with friends, sports games are some of the best video games created today.

What exactly qualifies as a sports game is debatable. Some might argue “Crash Team Racing “ is not a sports game because it is too fantastic, while others will say “Just dance“qualifies because it stimulates your heart rate. For our purposes, anything that is a facsimile of a sports competition or that involves movement intended to mimic a sports pursuit is eligible; in other words,”Fitness Boxing 2“is in time”Super Smash Bros. Ultimate“is outside.

With this in mind, the first choice is “Mario tennis aces“because of its great use of motion controls and multiplayer capabilities while providing a fun touch to the sport. With such a broad category, you’re bound to find something to suit your particular tastes, provided you know what to look for.

What to know before buying a Nintendo Switch sports game

Choose the right sport for your audience

If you buy a game as a gift for someone else, the sport you play is important. Some people think golf is amazing, while others find it the most boring thing in the world and won’t want to give it a chance even if the game is really well done. If your recipient is a fan of hunting, then Hunting simulator is a great choice, but if this purchase is for a die-hard vegan, maybe go for something else. The same goes for games that involve niche racing sports or fishing, who have die-hard fans and many detractors. If you don’t know what sports someone enjoys, or if you want to do something for the whole family, consider a title with several sports which lets you choose from a variety of activities and doesn’t require someone to be a super fan.

There are two distinct types of sports games: realistic and unrealistic. Realistic games do their best to replicate the actual events depicted, while unrealistic games involve cartoonish characters and creative twists. With many sporting activities, both types are offered, so you can either go with a game that faithfully recreates sport or the one that involves wacky chaotic fun.

Motion controls and accessories

Some people love the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, while others can’t stand their drift issues and will only play on a Professional Controller. Many of the best sports games incorporate motion controls in fun ways that can get people moving. Newbies and those who want to sweat it out can add to the fun of motion controls with accessories that turn your Joy-Cons into everything from tennis rackets To fire arms To golf clubs. While you don’t need a steering wheel accessory for racing it can add to the experience, especially for those who don’t want to just sit and press buttons.

Nintendo Switch Sports Game Features

Renowned athletes and teams

Professional sports fans love to be able to compete as favorite players and teams. Officially licensed games therefore offer an advantage over those that are forced to replace generic athletes. The best titles not only involve leagues, teams, and players, but assign stats and attributes based on the skills of those players. Some games even offer consistent updates so you can always play with the most recent information.

Online and local multiplayer play

Part of the fun of sports games is competing with your friends, and the Nintendo Switch offers two distinct types. In local multiplayer, you can play with multiple players on the same console, which is perfect if you want to get the whole family together for a fun night out. Other games offer online play, which allows you to face players in another location, ideal for those who live alone or want to challenge themselves against the best of the best online.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Previously, you would buy a game cartridge, and that was it: the game would never change, and if you wanted updated features, modes, or courses, you had to buy the next iteration of the game. content continues to be delivered for purchase. Many modern games involve downloadable content, or DLC, adding to the gameplay experience and giving you more challenges once you’ve mastered the base version.

Nintendo Switch Sports Game Cost

The price range of video games varies widely depending on the producer of the game: mainstream titles from Nintendo or other big companies can cost $ 50 or more, while small indie games can be had for $ 20 or less. The big variables are the sport played, whether there is an official license agreement and the multiplayer options. If there is an accessory, it can increase the price as well, but you will usually never pay more than $ 80 for a Nintendo Switch game.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games FAQs

Is the physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game the same as the one you can download from the Switch eShop?

A. Although there are a few collector’s editions that are not available online, most of the time it doesn’t matter if you buy a physical game or download it, the content will be the same. The advantages of the physical versions are that they don’t take up as much storage space on the console, give collectors something solid to add to their shelves (especially important for games in a series where a gamer may have all other entrees in physical form), and they offer something to open on Christmas morning. However, games like Rocket league and What is golf? are significantly cheaper once downloaded, so you might be better off get eShop credit and save money.

Is Nintendo Switch backwards compatible with older Nintendo consoles?

A. Like its predecessors, the Nintendo Switch is not backward compatible, which means you cannot use it to play games from older Nintendo consoles. There are some remastered versions of popular games, but those not deemed worthy of remakes will need their original consoles. With Nintendo Switch Online, you will have access to some games from the original NES and Super NES, so some classic sports games can be played on the Switch if you have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

Which Nintendo Switch sports game should you buy?

The best of the best Nintendo Switch sports game

Mario Tennis Aces: available at Amazon

Our opinion : The latest installment in the popular Mario Tennis series incorporates the Switch’s motion controls and features local and online multiplayer for intense matches, as well as an adventure mode for solo fun.

What we like: Highlight reels showcase the best moments of a match. Five difficulty levels make it ideal for all skill levels. Players can slow down downtime and manage their energy meter for effective strategy.

What we don’t like: The progression of statistics in the story mode is not very noticeable, leaving the RPG elements of this game mode a bit lacking.

Best Value Nintendo Switch Sports Game

Our opinion : With multiple game modes, stunningly realistic graphics, and the ability to play as your favorite NBA stars, this game is a must-have for basketball fanatics, and with such a low price tag, it delivers incredible value.

What we like: Play one-on-one, three-on-three, or five-on-five in Neighborhood mode. Career mode lets you take a player from high school to the pros. He joined the WNBA for fans of women’s football.

What we don’t like: The inclusion of microtransactions means those who are willing to pay can improve their stats without spending time.

Honorable Mention Nintendo Switch Sports Game

Our opinion : Is it a sports game? If played with a standard controller it might be more of an adventure title, but thanks to the innovative Ring Con and Leg Strap accessories, it can provide a full workout while you run, stretch and do yoga poses to earn experience points, providing more physical activity than any other game.

What we like: The settings can be adjusted to learn the game / workouts and increased as you get stronger. It includes 12 mini-games for multiplayer fun and features customizable workout routines. Free updates also include additional game modes.

What we don’t like: Due to the included accessories, it is more expensive than most Switch games.

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