Zelda’s Hylian Shield becomes Nintendo Switch game cartridge case



A Legend of Zelda fan has 3D printed an amazing Nintendo Switch game cartridge case designed to replicate the iconic Hylian shield of the hero Link.

A clever The Legend of Zelda fan has created an innovative Nintendo Switch game cartridge case inspired by Link’s Hylian shield. Perfect for adventure, the case is ideal for storing the new one Skyward Sword HD, and gamers looking to create their own version can do so at home thanks to the generous designer.

Hylian shield is a staple of THE Legend of Zelda franchise, and is seen in series 3D games ranging from Ocarina of time To Breath of the wild. The shield, used by the Knights of Hyrule, features the iconic Triforce symbol as well as the Hylian crest. While the basic shield design may differ from game to game, it generally follows the same blue, red, and yellow color scheme. The Hylian shield remains recognizable whatever the game in which it appears, and its synonymy with the Zelda the series even led the shield to become a Twitter emoji for Skyward Sword HDis the launch.

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Redditor and 3D printing pro Kickass3DPrints shared a video of their Hylian shield Switch game cartridge case, revealing the painting process for their amazing creation. According to the user, the holster safely holds 12 cartridges inside, six on the back of the blue piece and six inside the gray shell. The finished product also has slots where the straps can be attached, meaning the case can actually be worn as a real miniature shield. The Legend of Zelda fans looking to 3D print their own Hylian shield cartridge case can find the files for free at Thingiverse, although it appears the file upload set is incomplete at the time of writing. Fans can also check out Kickass3DPrints” YouTube channel, or buy pre-made 3D printed products from their Etsy store, kDasign.

Players have been using the latest 3D printing technology to bring iconic weapons and game items to life for quite some time now, with other designers making parts previously including Link’s Master Sword, Geralt’s locket seen in CD Projekt. Red. The witcher series, and even Genshin ImpactThe rust arc. A 3D printer is considered a must-have for professional cosplayers, who can use the technology to print the accessories needed to mimic the looks and styles of specific characters.

Fan Made Hylian Shield Cartridge Case is a good project for anything Zelda gamers looking to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary this year, with a notable lack of official Nintendo celebrations. Other Nintendo franchises such as Super Mario and Pokemon received several new games and special announcements to honor their birthdays, including the 2020 release The stars of Super Mario 3D, and the upcoming release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl redone, Shiny diamond and shiny pearl. However, it seems Zelda was left behind. Nintendo has confirmed that the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and one Zelda Game & Watch will be the only celebrations planned for the occasion, which is disappointing for fans hoping to see the series expand.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Kickass3DPrints / Reddit

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