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Ahead of E3 2021, renowned leaker Zippo made a number of predictions about what Nintendo has in store Switch Fans. These predictions included a new Mario party game as well as the existence of a Metroid, both of which were announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation at E3 2021. However, not all of the games Zippo mentioned were presented at E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, with the leaker recently tackling two games in particular which were lacking in action.

Zippo’s latest blog post claims to disclose more information about upcoming Nintendo Switch video game projects. One of these projects is a new Donkey kong game, while the other is a Fire emblem remake. Whether or not there is some truth to these claims remains to be seen, so while Zippo has been right about Nintendo Switch leaks in the past, fans should take this information with a grain of salt for now.

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Here are the latest Nintendo Switch game leaks.

Donkey kong

Nintendo Switch game leak

Many insiders have hinted that a new Donkey kong game is in development for the Nintendo Switch. And while there have been conflicting reports on what exactly that will entail, the consensus seems to be that it will be 2D side scrolling in the vein of the Donkey Kong Country Returns Retro Studios games. And now Zippo’s latest post has potentially provided more information on this new Donkey kong the game will be like.

According to Zippo, the new Donkey kong the game is in development by the same team that made the game to critical acclaim Super Mario Odyssey. Since Super Mario Odyssey is one of the highest rated video games ever made, the prospect of this same team making a Donkey kong the game is exciting. What if the rumors are true about Nintendo’s future plans for the Donkey kong franchise as a whole, it makes sense that she would put one of her most beloved teams at the helm of a new Donkey kong Change the game.

Apparently the new Donkey kong The Switch game is going to be part of a big Donkey kong Nintendo franchise. If Zippo’s information is correct, this will include a Donkey kong extension of the theme park and an “animation” based on Donkey kong (maybe a TV series or a movie, although that could also be something completely different). With Nintendo’s 2021 slate pretty much full, it looks like fans may be waiting a while to take a look at the rumor. Donkey kong Game.

Fire Emblem Remake

feature of the crest of the jugdral fire emblem

Zippo’s other major leak in his latest blog post revolves around the Fire emblem franchise. According to leaked information, Nintendo is almost done Fire emblem remake on his hands, although exactly Fire emblem game of which it is a remake is not clear. However, speculation indicates that Fire emblem remake being a remake of Genealogy of the Holy War Where The binding blade, because none of them has ever received an English translation.

Non-Zippo Leak Indicates Different Fire emblem games receiving the remake treatment, however. Earlier this year, rumors arose that Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Flame Emblem: Radiant Dawn remakes were underway. Since Zippo does not know what Fire emblem remake is based on, it’s entirely possible that the remake is actually based on one of these games instead of Genealogy of the Holy War and The binding blade. It is also possible that this disclosed information is completely inaccurate and that a Fire emblem the remake is not in development at all, so fans should keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, the Fire emblem the game’s remake is not the only one Fire emblem project in development, if what Zippo says is true. While it wasn’t mentioned in this latest leak, a previous Zippo Nintendo leak pointed to two Fire emblem games under development. The Fire emblem the remake is reportedly in development at Intelligent Systems, the studio that managed the most Fire emblem games since the inception of the franchise, while a follow-up Fire Emblem: Three Houses is supposed to be in the works at Koei Tecmo.

Koei Tecmo co-developed Fire Emblem: Three HousesSo it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the company be given a sequel to this game. However, the meaning of “follow-up” in this context is unclear. It is possible that this mysterious Koei Tecmo Fire emblem the game is a direct sequel to Three houses, but it’s also possible that the game will simply be the next original entry in the long-running franchise’s main series.

Ultimately, fans can’t be sure until Nintendo itself decides to share more information. But as with Donkey kong, Switch fans are unlikely to find out about these new Fire emblem games this year, assuming they exist at all. Nintendo has already revealed its release plans for this upcoming holiday season, so it seems likely that fans will have to wait some time in 2022 to find out more about these plans.

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