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  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Play builder garage – Have you ever dreamed of creating your own video games? Game Builder Garage is a great place to start! Learn step-by-step game design and programming from lessons developed by the minds of Nintendo. You will get help from a group of Nodons, creatures that live inside your Nintendo Switch console! They are responsible for programming tasks like moving your character, pressing buttons and adding sound effects. With the useful Nodon at your fingertips, you’ll learn how to create a beacon game, kart racer, and alien blaster… and that’s just the start of your game design adventure! Redeem codes with friends who also have Game Builder Garage to share your games, or download their games as well, and study how they built their creations for more inspiration. Game Builder Garage will be available on June 11.
    • NINJA GAIDEN: Collection of masters – Experience fierce battles with formidable opponents in NINJA GAIDEN Sigma, NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge – available together in one exciting collection. In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, four other characters – Ayane, Rachel, Momiji and Kasumi – are also playable and appear as in the original versions of the games. You can team up with your favorite characters and swap them freely during battles. Most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes for each title are included. Playable characters and scenes (modes) vary for each title. Expect intense combat with formidable enemies!
    • Wave breaking – Experience the world’s first skateBOATING game, inspired by arcade skateboarding classics. Grind, grab, kickflip and shoot your way through an explosive world filled with ’80s crime. Enjoy an episodic single-player campaign, ranked online multiplayer, multiple custom game modes, and an advanced park creator. From tropical beaches to frozen tundras, ride the waves and score the world’s biggest combo in style. Wave Break will be available on June 11.
    • Alba: a wildlife adventure – Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. From idyllic beaches to the ancient castle overlooking the city, an entire island is ready to be explored. Alba is ready for a peaceful summer of exploring wildlife with her friend Ines, but when she sees an endangered animal, she realizes she needs to do something. With Inès and your grandfather by your side, you can start a movement to save the island. Maybe even the world after that.


  • Celebrate the launch of DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power – Free your inner crime fighter with a DC Super Hero Girls drawstring bag featuring Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. The bag displays a “Fighting for Justice” graphic that shows the world that you are ready for battle! You can receive this reward by redeeming 500 My Nintendo Platinum points (while stocks last). Visit https://my.nintendo.com/news/bfccdd54e4d356ce to learn more about this new offering.

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  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

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