Diddy Kong render randomly updated on Nintendo Japan’s website

Random rendering update or something more?

As reported by Nintendo Life, the render of Diddy Kong on Nintendo Japan‘s website has been randomly updated, raising hopes that he could make a comeback very soon.

The discovery was made by Twitter user CosmoBrittany73, who tweeted his discovery and compared it to the old render of Mario Party. The render can be found on Nintendo Japan’s Character Portal for the Mario series, with Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong appearing at the bottom.

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Looking at the new image compared to the old, there is a clear difference in the quality of the rendering. The big difference is the quality of Diddy’s fur, which has been updated to be more realistic. His pose is exactly the same as it has been for several years now, most recently appearing in Mario Kart Tour, but the fur is brand new.


Looking at the other character in the portal, there’s a mix of new and old renders. Mario’s render looks pretty updated, but Luigi’s is still quite old. This makes it even more curious, because neither Donkey Kong nor Diddy Kong have had their own game in quite some time, and yet their rendering is updated before Luigi and the other Mario characters.

The most annoying possibility is that it’s literally just a rendering update and nothing more. It’s a bit hit and miss, but it makes sense that Nintendo would go back and update its characters from time to time.

A realistic expectation is that it has something to do with the Donkey Kong expansion that’s currently in production at Super Nintendo World. A locked gate in this park hinted that Diddy and Donkey were coming to the park, so it could be a shared render between the two sites.

Some fans are going a little crazier with their theory and think it might have something to do with an all-new Mario Party, or even some new Donkey Kong game of some sort. It’s been a while since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, so maybe it’s time for the duo to return.

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