Prime Minister Imran Khan calls for international debt relief amid chic lockdown – Reuters

Prime Minister Imran Khan posted a video message on Sunday evening wearing a blue tracksuit, which is basically all of us right now.

The Prime Minister called on the United Nations and international financial institutions to consider extending debt relief to developing countries burdened with high external debt to free up funds to fight the virus, given the exceptional circumstances .

“While in the developed world the main dilemma is to contain the coronavirus through lockdowns and then deal with the economic impact, in the developing world, in addition to containing the virus and dealing with the economic crisis , our biggest worry now is that people are starving,” he said. “There is a huge gap between the resources we have in the developing world and the resources available to the developed world.”

Prime Minister Khan’s comfortable attire reflects a global vibe. No longer needing to commute or be present in a conventional workplace during lockdown and quarantine, the world has seen dress codes relax as people experience a new, more comfortable standard of working from home ( WFH) remotely.

In this new normal, the boundaries between home and non-home have crumbled – along with the impulse to dress for everything beyond the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room and back.

On the other hand, quarantine has taken dressing up with nowhere to go, from dressing up just for photos or Zoom sessions with friends to the #DontRush TikTok challenge, in which friends collaborate to create looks developed before and after.

As Pakistan enters third week of lockdown, quarantine fad takes over as the new glamor and it looks like it’s here to stay.

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